Ford and Jaguar Land Rover Want to Help You Avoid Red Lights

Ford has announced something it calls the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory, which sounds nowhere near as appealing as it should. It’s a special system designed to help you avoid red lights, and relies on communications between your car and roadside infrastructure. Read More >>

Jaguar Land Rover Gears Up for Semi-Autonomous UK Car Tests (and The Features Sound Genius)

Whether it's putting augmented reality ghost cars on your windshield or eye-tracking wipers, Jaguar Land Rover's really aiming to stay ahead of the in-car technological curve these past few years. Having announced that it's preparing to go off-road with its semi-autonomous vehicles, it's now also gearing up to bring the test cars to real UK roads too. Read More >>

Driverless Cars Will Soon Be Tested on the Streets of Greenwich

Though driverless cars are rarely out of the headlines these days, the US has had pretty much all of the fun, with loads of major projects being tested on the roads of California and Texas. Soon, however, it’ll be our time to shine. The government has just announced MOVE_UK, a consortium of companies that's been given the green light to trial driverless cars on UK roads. Read More >>

A Smartphone App Turns a Land Rover Into a Giant RC Car

Have you ever found your car stranded in a car park because some neighbouring drivers have parked too close for you to even open the door? That’s one problem that Jaguar Land Rover’s new prototype remote app can solve, letting you back your vehicle out of a tight spot using your smartphone. Read More >>