UK Jaguar Land Rover Staff Start Compulsory Brexit Holiday

All of Jaguar Land Rover's UK production lines have shut down today. But just for a week. It's part of the firm's Brexit-preparedness efforts, agreed months back to get staff to down tools to stop making cars for a week, lest it end up with more cars than it can possibly sell in the fluid near futures of the infinite Brexit scenarios and the schisms they may, or may not, open up. Read More >>

Land Rover Builds a Retro Infotainment Hub With Knobs and Dials For Ageing Classics

IF you have an old Land Rover or Jaguar and IF money is no object and IF you would like a new radio and satnav, THEN Land Rover's classic team has a really quite impressive solution. It's building retro-futuristic entertainment devices to slot into ancient old vehicles, bringing knobs and dials and a 3.5-inch touchscreen to the world of rotary fans and sliding vents. Read More >>

Jaguars Are Self-Driving a Few Hundred Yards of Coventry’s Roads

Jaguar Land Rover claims to have achieved the nationwide first of running fully autonomous cars on public UK roads, with one of the cars it's co-developing as part of self-driving consortium UK Autodrive managing to mingle with everyday traffic, adhere to the rules and not trigger anything bad. Read More >>

App Marketing Stunt Gets DIY Coder Actual Job With Jaguar

Back at the beginning of the summer, something weird involving Jaguar Land Rover, the band Gorillaz, and an coding app was launched. "Try our coding puzzle app," they said, "it could get you a job." And for one fortunate man, it just has. Read More >>

Jaguar Thinks Car Steering Wheels Need AI

This weird ashtray thing is apparently the steering wheel of the future, according to carmaker Jaguar at least, one designed to be removable and therefore prepared for any future car sharing world in which you're free to slip it into any Jaguar and drive it away via an on-demand ownership club. Read More >>

Jaguar to Test Self-Driving Cars on UK Roads This Year

The Autodrive group, which consists of carmakers Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors and lots of smaller tech companies and insurers, has been given the go-ahead to test self-driving cars on public roads in the UK this year. Read More >>

Jaguar Relaunches the E-Type as £285k Refurb

Jaguar Land Rover is doing that thing it does again, where it takes some old cars people liked and completely rebuilds them to as-new factory spec. Then dangles them out there for a ludicrous amount of money so rich people can buy them to put in garages. Read More >>

Jaguar’s Eye Tracking Wiper Clears Rain, Not Tears

Now here's an automobile enhancement you probably never even knew that you needed: the ability to activate a windshield wiper with your eyes. Yes, you read that correctly. Read More >>

The Return of a Legend: Jaguar Unearths Long-Lost E-Type Project

I wasn’t born in 1963, and it’s a safe bet that more than a few of you weren’t either. What was born in the early ’60s, though, was a legend: a super-lightweight version of the amazing Jaguar E-Type, designed purely for racing. Only 12 were built, but 18 of them were already planned when project was abandoned. Thankfully, Jaguar is now restarting the project in our time, producing the final six Lightweight E-Types. Here’s what they’ll look and sound like. Read More >>

Jaguar Advert Banned for Glamourising Going a Bit Fast

An advert which showed a Jaguar hammering around mountains on both the left and right sides of the road has been banned, after advertising watchdogs decided it made driving look way too much like fun. Read More >>

Jaguar’s Releasing a New Coupé — But We’re Only Allowed to Look at Its Roof

Yep: a whole car and we just get the top. For now. The F-TYPE Coupé, billed as "the most dynamically capable, performance-focused, production Jaguar ever" will debut at the Los Angeles auto show on November 19th. Read More >>

Jaguar’s Pimped-Up F-Type Speedster Is Pure Car Pornography

The machines on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed are well-known for their propensity to make car enthusiasts a little aroused; but Jag's modified, carbon-fibre no-roof F-Type is a whole new type of gorgeous. Read More >>

Jaguar F-type Damian Lewis
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Jaguar Got Ridley Scott and Damian Lewis to Make an Awesome Short Film

For some reason Jaguar thought it necessary to get Ridley Scott and Damian Lewis to spit out a film to get you lusting after the gorgeous new F Type. It seriously wasn't necessary, but I'm not complaining. Beautiful cars, quality actors, gangsters, guns, and Mexico, what's not to like? Oh, and don't mess with Damian. Read More >>

Jaguar’s F-Type Coming Straight Outta Castle Bromwich, Birmingham

Jaguar's first proper sports car for 40 years has been announced, and it'll be bolted together by workers in the Jaguar Land Rover factory up in the Midlands. Read More >>

AMD Mobile Processors Coming This Year

AMD has been going head-to-head with Intel in the PC market for years, so it's no surprise that they will be hot on Intel's heels in the mobile space, too. Yep, they have plans to design tablet CPUs. It's like two gorillas shrinking themselves to do battle in your pocket. Read More >>