Man Gets Jail Time for Trying to Hack a Prison and Release His Friend

A Michigan man will spend the next seven years and three months behind bars as punishment for attempting to hack a county jail’s computer system and altering prison records to get his friend released early. Read More >>

Assange Hopes for Prison* Release

That man who's under the mistaken impression he's in a prison would like to be allowed out of the prison of his own imagination, and is asking the UK courts to have him... released. Read More >>

How Biotech Could Make Life in Prison a Living Hell

At the University of Oxford, a team of scholars led by the philosopher Rebecca Roache has begun thinking about the ways futuristic technologies might transform punishment. In January, I spoke with Roache and her colleagues Anders Sandberg and Hannah Maslen about emotional enhancement, 'supercrimes', and the ethics of eternal damnation. What follows is a condensed and edited transcript of our conversation. Read More >>

Planned Prison Smoking Ban May Cause Mass Riots

Concerns over staff suing the prison service due to the effects of passive smoking may lead to a full ban on smoking in English and Welsh prisons from 2015, with a pilot ban set to start in early 2014. Read More >>

Monopoly Is Getting Rid of Jail. That’s Some Bullshit. (Updated)

Say goodbye to one of the few remaining cornerstones of childhood. The Monopoly board as we know it is being tossed to the wayside in favour of a version Hasbro believes will appeal more today's swaggy youth. Time to welcome in the new age of chaos — because Monopoly is about to be coming to you totally jail-free. Read More >>

Jailed Cyber Criminal Joins Prison’s Computer Class, Hacks Its Network

When one of Britain's biggest cyber criminals was jailed in 2011, officials thought they'd be safe from his internet attacks. But then he managed to sneak into a prison computer class and hack the jail's network. Read More >>

What It’s Like to Experience New Technology After 25 Years in Jail

When I went to prison, in 1987, Motorola manufactured the large, gray cellphone that I used. People referred to it as "the brick." It had the capacity to send or receive phone calls, but there wasn't any text messaging back then. Read More >>

This Guy Is In Jail For Using Facebook to Skip Jury Duty

If you are a juror and you try to use Facebook to contact a defendant, you will get be dismissed. And if you're an imbecile like the guy in this photo, then you will get in jail. Read More >>

Rotten Fruit and Hot Pots: The Secret Techniques of Cellblock Cuisine

Prison is a sad, cold, horrible place to be. What reminds you of home more than a hot, home-cooked meal? Nothing. Since these prisoners can't go home— Maybe ever—they have to bring home to the cell block. Read More >>

Technology in America’s Most Notorious Prison

True -- this feature, from our bigger brothers on Gizmodo US, is about an American prison, and not at all relevant to our law-abiding British readers here on Gizmodo UK. But we think it's a fascinating look at the very prison Johnny Cash once recorded a live album in: San Quentin. - Kat. Read More >>

Smuggling Mobiles Into a Prison with a Toy RC Helicopter Is a Great Idea…If You Don’t Crash

We've seen a million and one clever ways to smuggle a cell phone into a prison before. Hidden inside buttholes, baked into bread and even shot over with a bow and arrow but flying in a phone with a RC helicopter into the prison might be the most tech savvy way yet. Too bad it crashed. Read More >>