Historic Ketchup Unearthed at Crossrail’s Astoria Digs

The findings dug up during Crossrail works beneath the site of London's old Astoria are so exciting to some that's there now a book about them. The book's called Crosse and Blackwell 1830-1921 - A British Food Manufacturer in London's West End. They found some old jam and assorted preserves. Read More >>

Controversial Jam Law Could Send Conserve Fans Underground in Search of Sweeter Hits

The EU is proposing to lower the minimum amount of sugar that needs to be in jam in order for it to be called jam, meaning jams could soon be made with 50 per cent sugar instead of the current 60 per cent required. This horror scenario could have us breakfasting like the savage Europeans, says one horrified MP. Read More >>

Jam With Chrome Turns Your Browser Into a Garage Band

Sitting at a desk working is not the same as living the childhood dream of playing in a rock band. But now you can relive those adolescent ideas by jamming with your friends in Chrome, courtesy of Google. Read More >>