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Royal Mail Immortalises James Bonds Old and New on Stamps

The Royal Mail has revealed what it declares to be an "action-packed" new set of stamps, with ten of the little letter money things coming on March 17 and containing images of six Bond actors –  and even the niche charms of George Lazenby, star of 1969 cult favourite They Only Let Him Do One. Read More >>

James Bond Will Always be a Man, Says Producer Barbara Broccoli

For the past few years, what with the impending departure of Daniel Craig as cinema's favourite spy, there have been some speculation as to whether James Bond could be gender-swapped in a future film. The answer is no, as it turns out, at least not while Barbara Broccoli is in charge. Read More >>

No Time To Die’s First Trailer Introduces a New 00 Agent and a Masked Villain

Daniel Craig’s James Bond has been just as ready for a change of scenery as the Bond fandom has been ready to meet some freshly-minted 00 Agents, and in the first No Time to Die trailer, it seems as if almost everyone’s about to get what they want. Read More >>

Daniel Craig’s Next Bond Movie Finally Has a Title: No Time to Die

The age of just calling it “Bond 25” is over. It’s time for, err, well, No Time to Die. Read More >>

Report: Christoph Waltz Is Returning As Super-Baddie Blofeld in the Newest James Bond Film

I must say, I do love a good supervillain. And Blofeld, the villainous rival of spy James Bond, is a great one. As played by Christoph Waltz, he’s a compelling force, and he’s returning in the newest Bond film. Read More >>

Rami Malek Had an Important Request Before Joining Bond 25

With tonnes of behind the scenes drama on the set of the 25th James Bond film, it’s easy to forget the exciting stuff coming on the screen – like the fact that recent Oscar winner Rami Malek is playing the latest Bond villain. That only happened, though, because the filmmakers agreed to a non-negotiable request Malek had about the character. Read More >>

Did All This Pirated 4K Content Leak From iTunes?

Many file sharers want the highest quality copy of a film they can find, and until recently, those would most often come from ripping a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc. Links to these files are clearly labelled as such, but a few weeks ago a 2160P copy of Aquaman leaked onto the internet claiming it instead originated from an online streaming service. It was soon followed by uploads of 2160P copies of 24 James Bond films, which are currently only available from Apple, leading many to wonder if someone has finally found a way around iTunes’ 4K copy protection and DRM. Read More >>

James Bond 25 is Back in Action With a New Director

Last month, the production of the next James Bond film was thrown up in the air when Danny Boyle left the role of director. Citing creative differences, the Trainspotting director stepped away from the project, leaving Bond 25 with no director. Read More >>

LEGO VIPs Have the Chance to Win an ‘Ultimate James Bond Experience’

Yesterday Lego finally got round to announcing the James Bond Aston Martin DB5, which is currently available to buy if you're a Lego VIP. People who don't sign up for Lego's rewards system have to wait until the start of August, and will similarly miss out on the chance to win a James Bond-themed holiday. Read More >>

Lego Finally Unveils Its James Bond Aston Martin DB5

After endless teasers that have gone on for weeks, Lego has finally revealed its latest set: James Bond's Aston Martin DB5. Well, we knew that already – those teasers were less than subtle about it. Read More >>

Ok Lego, I’m Getting a Bit Sick of Your Vague James Bond Teasers Now

Last month, the Lego Company started teasing the possibility of James Bond Lego sets, getting people excited that 007 might be getting the Lego treatment and hitting the shelves of the Lego store – despite the franchise's fondness for adult themes Lego has a reputation for distancing itself from. But now, nearly a month later, those teasers have kept coming with very little to show for it. And frankly, I'm getting a bit frustrated with the whole thing. Read More >>

Lego’s Teasing a James Bond Announcement on 18th July at the Leicester Square Lego Store

A couple of weeks ago Lego teased us with some tweets about the possibility of a James Bond-themed set, likely one involving an Aston Martin DB5. Now those teases have continued with the company announcing some sort of related event on 18th July at the Lego Store in London's Leicester Square. Read More >>

Lego is Teasing Us With the Possibility of James Bond Sets

The days of Lego being a simple box of bricks are long gone. For nearly 20 years (at least)Lego has bought up licences to various pop-culture brands and converted them into brick-and-minifigure form. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel and DC, Ghostbusters, plus all the many franchises that were bundled into Lego Dimensions. Now they may be joined by 007 himself, if this not-so-cryptic tease from Lego is anything to go by: Read More >>

Danny Boyle Says He’s Got the James Bond Dream Job

Film director Danny Boyle is moving perilously close to winning full National Treasure status, with his reputation about to be further boosted by an association with the most legendary Brit of all — James Bond. Read More >>

Danny Boyle is the Top Choice to Direct the Next James Bond Movie

With its late 2019 release date getting closer and closer, the latest James Bond film is still without a director. However, a new report suggests producers have one name at the top of their list. Read More >>