Five Studios Are Duking It Out for the Rights to James Bond

Five Hollywood studios are currently battling over which one will make the next James Bond film. Read More >>

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MI6 Chief Has Mixed Feelings About James Bond

The MI6 has done a thing where it distracts the people from all of the world’s bad stuff by being playful and chatting about James Bond. Read More >>

James Bond Wouldn’t Get a Job With Us, Says MI6 Boss

Alex Younger, the head of the UK's spying division MI6, has said that he wouldn't give James Bond a job, were lightning to strike a Blu-ray copy of SPECTRE and bring the fictional spy to life. Read More >>

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The Daniel Craig ‘Will He, Won’t He?’ Bond Saga Rumbles On

Daniel Craig’s making the headlines again, and once more it’s about his role as 007. Sigh. It was sort of interesting at the start... but it’s getting a bit old now. Read More >>

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Idris Elba Appears to Have Ruled Himself Out of the James Bond Running

Fans of Aidan Turner have been given a bit of a boost today, with Idris Elba suggesting he won’t be the chap to succeed Daniel Craig as the next James Bond. Read More >>

Tom Hiddleston in ‘Advanced Talks’ to Play James Bond

Daniel Craig has been vocal about wanting to walk away from the James Bond franchise for a while now, and it’s looking likely that Tom Hiddleston will be the next 007. Read More >>

10 Possible New James Bond Actors to Replace Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig has finally put his mouth where the money is and apparently turned down a huge financial win to be James Bond again. He wasn't joking about hating it. So who's next to hold Sony products in frame as CG fires rage? Read More >>

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£68m Isn’t Enough For Daniel Craig to Continue as James Bond, Say Reports

It’s official. Sorry, scratch that, it’s not. We’re still in the land of speculation, but let’s face it, we’ll all be stunned if Daniel Craig ends up making another Bond film. Read More >>

Idris Elba Says the World Wants Him to be the Next James Bond

With Daniel Craig apparently sick to death of being portrayed as the smooth operator he most definitely isn’t, Idris Elba has been heavily linked with the James Bond role, and the actor has now has spoken of his desire to become the next 007. In an interview this week, the The Wire star revealed that he isn’t yet in talks with producers, but believes that everybody wants him to take up the mantle when Craig officially hangs up his tux. Read More >>

Meet The Man Behind James Bond’s Crazy Car Stunts

No, Daniel Craig did not do all his stunts. On Spectre, a professional car stunt team choreographed every corner and drift and jump. British-born ex-rally driver Mark Higgins drove the Aston Martin DB10 in Spectre‘s night-time chase scenes in the heart of Rome, which end in a massive jump into the Tiber river. Read More >>

Kind-Eyed Tom Hiddleston Wants to be the Next James Bond

Housewives' hunk du jour Tom Hiddleston has come right out with and said that he'd be bang up for being a James Bond for a while, despite Daniel Craig's ongoing live art project to make it sound like the worst job in the entire world. Read More >>

Daniel Craig Believed to Have Quit James Bond For a TV Role

The Daniel Craig era of James Bond is apparently over. Though the news isn’t yet official -- reports are coming from The Sun -- the actor has apparently hung up his tux and vowed never to shag or kill another secret agent again. Read More >>

You Can Buy James Bond’s Aston Martin DB10, But Don’t Expect to Drive it

Get your cheque-book out, it’s time to become James Bond. Well, sort of. The Aston Martin DB10 from Spectre is being auctioned alongside a load of other Bond-themed goodies, giving filthy-rich fans a taste of the fictional super-spy’s life. Read More >>

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Did You Spot Daniel Craig’s Cameo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Earlier this year, James Bond actor Daniel Craig was rumoured to have shot a scene for The Force Awakens in which he played a stormtrooper, what with Spectre shooting just down the corridor at Pinewood Studios last year. Read More >>