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These Are Two of the Best Aliens Posters We’ve Ever Seen

There’s no shortage of beautiful posters when it comes to the Alien franchise. From the original one-sheets and fan art, up through the work by Mondo and others, it’s a series bustling with great visual representations. And yet, these may be two of the best. Read More >>

James Cameron Compares His Avatar Sequels to The Godfather, But Admits That Could Be a Huge Mistake

James Cameron has five children, which is what interested him in the developing the plots for the Avatar sequels—but it’s also what makes him worry that they may not connect with audiences like the original did. When speaking about his upcoming AMC show James Cameron’s History of Science Fiction this weekend, the director actually compared the sequels, scheduled for release in December 2020, 2021, 2025 and 2025, to a famous Hollywood family drama: The Godfather. Read More >>

Black Panther Has Beaten Titanic to Become the Third Highest Grossing US Theatrical Release of All Time

For years, James Cameron’s Titanic was the golden standard by which all American theatrical releases were judged, the magic money maker that no one would ever beat. Then, Cameron himself beat it, with Avatar, and a few years later Star Wars: The Force Awakens rocketed past both of those. Read More >>

James Cameron Talks Developing the Avatar Sequels and the Uncertain Future of His Franchises

In a wide-ranging interview, the director sheds some light on the long gap between the first Avatar film and its several planned sequels, as well as offering some insight into his return to the Terminator franchise. Read More >>

James Cameron Thinks Wonder Woman Was a ‘Step Backward’ For Women in Film

Oh wow, does James Cameron have a hot take on Wonder Woman. Read More >>

James Cameron Has More Praise for Ridley Scott Than He Does for the Alien Franchise

James Cameron is no stranger to sequels—and he’s better at making them than most, with Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Aliens on his CV(Whether or not all those Avatar films will continue his streak is a question for another day.) But when asked about the state of the Alien franchise in 2017, he had some choice words. Read More >>

James Cameron Making Docu-Series About Evolution of Science Fiction

AMC has approved a six-episode documentary series from James Cameron about how the science fiction genre has changed over time, as well as how it’s changed us. Read More >>

These Behind-the-Scenes Aliens Pictures Take You Right Back to 1986

We all love reminiscing, and we’ve got our hands on a series of classic behind-the-scenes pictures of James Cameron’s Aliens, with the incredible full collection over at Den of Geek. The movie hit cinemas back in 1986, following on from Ridley Scott's 1979 Alien, and became an instant classic. It propelled the career of Sigourney Weaver and ensured that the sci-fi genre would no longer be treated as a joke. Read More >>

James Cameron’s Plan to Fix Solar Panels

When Avatar came out, James Cameron boasted that it would be the first solar-powered movie franchise in history. Now the director, deep-sea explorer and NASA advisor has turned his attention to designing cinematic-quality solar panels for the rest of us. Read More >>

James Cameron is Helping New Zealand to Fund Better Film-Making Drones

Camera-equipped drones swoop and shoot aerial shots for TV and movies with gorgeous Planet Earth grandeur. Now, director James Cameron’s backing a new contest in New Zealand to find drone designs to make the flying cameras even better-suited to Hollywood. Read More >>

virtual reality
Oculus Rift VR Hasn’t Impressed Avatar Director James Cameron

His blue-cat-alien-people retelling of the Pocahontas tale in Avatar may have paved the way for the (arguably short-lived) 3D film revolution, but James Cameron is less enamoured with virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift. Read More >>

Special Effects Legend Douglas Trumbull Pushes for 120fps Film Future

Despite the 48fps action of the Hobbit films not exactly winning over film enthusiasts, SFX guru/ninja Douglas Trumbull claims his 120fps, 4K and 3D system could still gain traction within the film industry. Read More >>

A Look at the Sub That Took James Cameron to the Bottom of the Sea

James Cameron showed us new worlds in films like Avatar and The Abyss. So it's no wonder that the film-maker would want to explore the one we actually live in. Deepsea Challenge 3D chronicles his journey to the greatest depths of the ocean—thanks to an incredible sub that Gizmodo recently had a chance to see up close. Read More >>

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James Cameron Recounts Epic Journey to the Deepest Place on Earth

Last month, James Cameron ventured where few had gone before, to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on the planet. Last night we got a first-hand account of the journey from the man himself on the National Geographic Channel. Read More >>