Jamie Oliver’s Restaurants Plunged into Fryer of Administration

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's celebrity businessman credentials are about to be called into question, as the company that operates all of his high street restaurant brands has called in the administrators. It's the global finance equivalent of doing a runner without paying. Read More >>

Jamie Oliver Caught Snuffling at the McDonald’s Trough

Holy eating crusader Jamie Oliver has admitted to being slightly more friendly with McDonald's than he would like his fans to realise, with his people confirming that the TV chef has had more than one meeting with the burger chain's advisers to thrash out policy ideas and to try to keep everyone friends. Read More >>

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Jamie Oliver Tastes Alan Carr’s Chocolate Dessert With Special “Vibrating” Cooking “Instrument”

Betcha any amount of money that the furtherest phrase from Jamie Oliver's mind when Alan Carr surprised him by shoving a vibrator in his mouth during a Chatty Man cook-off was "that's pukka!" Take a look at the video below for 24 seconds of chuckles -- believe me, it's worth enduring the two prats for the pleasure of seeing the cockney TV chef spluttering in horror. Read More >>

Be the Laziest “Chef” Ever With Jamie Oliver’s New Philips Home Cook

Philips has made the lazy-man's dream come true with a gadget that does all the cooking for you. From slicing, to boiling, braising, steaming or frying, the Home Cook will apparently do it all, stirring as it goes. Read More >>