The Studs on This Punk Bracelet Are Actually Microphone-Jamming Ultrasonic Speakers

You can prevent facial recognition cameras from identifying you by wearing face paint, masks, or sometimes just a pair of oversized sunglasses. Keeping conversations private from an ever-growing number of microphone-equipped devices isn’t quite as easy, but researchers have created what could be the first wearable that actually helps increase your privacy. Read More >>

Thieves Are Using Signal Jammers to Stop Car Doors From Locking

A new sort of modern thievery is being carried out at motorway service stations, and we're not talking about the price asked for a cup of tea and a stale danish pastry in the cafe. Car thieves are using signal jammers to interfere with remote-locking door systems, then making off with the contents of the cars all easy-peasy like. Read More >>

Software Hack Lets Feature Phones Jam Calls and Texts Within 75 Miles

There's something uniquely scary about the idea of your calls being jammed. Good news! It turns out blocking calls and texts to certain phones is pretty easy. Hackers have figured out how to turn a feature phone into a "jammer" with just a few software modifications. Read More >>