Tesco is Stocking New Twists on Classic English Biscuits and They’re Wild

Tesco has done the unthinkable by revamping its custard creams biscuits, while Burton's Biscuits joins the supermarket giant in its spiral into madness by changing up its Jammie Dodgers. Read More >>

Gang Jailed For Massive Jammie Dodgers Heist

Five sweet-toothed rapscallions have been sent down for stealing a trailer filled with £20,000 worth of Jammie Dodgers. They can’t even blame the Great Biscuit Crisis of 2016 for their outrageous behaviour, because the crime went down last summer. Read More >>

The Jammie Dodgers Recipe Has Been Changed

With consumers still struggling to deal with the shortage of bourbons and custard creams caused by the flooding of Carlisle's McVitie's factory ovens earlier this year, the last thing we all needed was more game-changing biscuit-themed news. Burton’s Biscuit Company has decided to alter the recipe for Jammie Dodgers, and the announcement hasn’t gone down well. Read More >>

A Zippo Hand Warmer Is Your Toasty-Palms Deal of the Day

Have you actually BEEN outside yet today? Holy hell, it’s colder than a witch’s tit out there! How are we actually meant to stand outdoors without turning into some kind of actual living ice sculpture? Here’s how. Read More >>