Your Phone Camera Now Instantly Translates Japanese Text

Not enough people know that the Google Translate app includes a ridiculously cool feature called Word Lens that lets you hold your camera over some text and see a live translation. Google announced today that Word Lens now works in Japanese, meaning you can hold your phone up to a sign in Osaka and impress your friends by knowing exactly what it means. It even works offline, which you probably should be if you're in Japan without a roaming plan. Read More >>

“Elves and Pixies” Cartoon Porn Earns Man Three Month Jail Sentence

A New Zealand man has been given a three-month prison sentence for possessing weird Japanese cartoon porn, with the odd scenes of elves, trolls and pixies bonking each other deemed illegal by his country's enforcers. Read More >>

Why Settle For Rooms When You Can Have a Whole Town Inside Your House?

It's one thing to have a spacious home, it's another to have a whole indoor suburb. "House K" does the latter, and puts a weird new spin on the townhouse by having its own little town inside its walls. Read More >>

We All Live on the Body of a Japanese Cartoon Girl

If you struggle to accurately draw a map of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, here's a tip. Imagine it's a Japanese cartoon girl with a big hat, floppy dress and angel wings, then draw that instead. That's how the Japanese see us. Read More >>

Siri Will Soon Handle Japanese — She Even Admits It

Go ahead and ask Siri what languages she speaks. Read More >>