Millennials Simply Have to Have Their Coffee, No Matter the Cost

According to a new report from Bloomberg, millennials simply gotta have their java. Great for business, you might think, except coffee supplies around the world are tightening. So if we enter into a global coffee shortage, blame the java-crazed millennials. Read More >>

The Maker of Java is Seeking £6.4 Billion From Google

There is a long-running legal battle between Oracle and Google over the use of Java, an Oracle product, in Android. In the latest court filing, Oracle is shooting for the moon: $9.3 billion (£6.4bn) in copyright damages from Google. Read More >>

Relive the Horrors and Thrills of Windows 98 Right in Your Browser

Most of us remember the glory days of Windows 98. Now you can relive them on a less-shitty computer, thanks to several thousand lines of brilliant Javascript. Read More >>

Java Now Dumps Adware on to Macs, Too

There are a lot of reason not to use Java – but here's one more to add to the list. The latest release of Oracle's ubiquitous software now also dumps a load of crapware on to your Mac. Read More >>

Apple Got Hacked

Reuters says Apple was targeted by the same crew that recently hit Facebook, and managed to infect a "small number" of the company's computers. Read More >>

Oracle’s Latest Java Fix Is Still Broken, Better Learn to Live Without

Remember that big zero-day Java vulnerability the everyone was all worried about? Well, Oracle fixed it. Oh wait, no. That latest Java fix still has a big ol' hole. It's time to abandon ship, folks. Read More >>

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How To Disable Java in Your Browser

Java isn't good for your for your computer's health right now. It can mess it up pretty bad. Bad enough that the US Department of Homeland Security is warning its citizens to turn it off. OK, but how do you do that? Fortunately, it's not that hard. Read More >>

Apple Update Removes Java From All OS X Browsers

In an attempt to distance itself still further from Java, Apple released a Mac update Wednesday which removes Java plugins from any web browser running on OS X. Read More >>

Java Vulnerability Could Affect a Billion Macs and PCs

Every currently supported version of Java is vulnerable to a new exploit, according to Adam Gowdiak, a security expert who is known for finding Java exploits. That could include up to a billion computers, according to Oracle's instillation statistics. Read More >>

Java Patched, New Java Security Holes Discovered

Just days after Oracle took the unusual step of releasing an unscheduled patch to fix the huge security flaw found in the most recent update of its Java platform, more ways to exploit the code have been found within the widely used tool. Read More >>

Java Hack Gains Momentum as Firefox Advises All Users to Switch it Off

The recently discovered potentially apocalyptic Java exploit has been spreading, with the hack now part of a commonplace malware bundle that's doing the rounds on the hacking scene. Read More >>

Java Hack Will Bring About the End of the World

A rather huge exploit has been used to attack users of Java, which has been found to operate within browsers on PCs, OS X and even the more robust Ubuntu. Everything that runs Java is now vulnerable. Read More >>

Google and Oracle Enter Round Two of Heavyweight Legal Fight

After the jury returned a partial verdict in the copyright phase of the Google-Oracle trial -- unable to decide whether Google's recreation of the Java platform constituted "fair use" of Oracle's copyright -- the trial has now entered the patent phase, where the same jury will seek to decide whether Google infringed on Oracle's patents. Read More >>

Google Is Found (Kind of) Guilty in Java Trial

The verdict is in for the Oracle vs. Google trial on whether Java was used improperly in the development of Android. The answer? Yes, sort of. Read More >>

Is This the End of the Mac Malware Safe-Haven?

Yet another OS X Trojan has been spotted stalking the wilds of the internet. It targets Java again, but this time comes in via good old Microsoft Office. Is the presumed natural immunity to malware Macs have enjoyed for decades coming to an end? Read More >>