star wars
Learn How To Code With Star Wars: The Force Awakens Characters, a non-profit that seeks to make coding more accessible, has launched a Star Wars-branded kid JavaScript program that stars Rey and BB-8. Read More >>

The Code for This Pleasingly Simple Game Fits in a Single Tweet

If you’ve got a few spare minutes, you might enjoy a quick game of Tiny-Twitch. But then you’ll no doubt end up amazed by the fact that the source code for the whole thing can fit inside a single tweet. Read More >>

I Read This Mammoth Essay on Code to Make You 38 Thousand Times Smarter

Want to know enough about code that you don’t sound like a complete dunce? Bloomberg Businessweek has published a 38,000-word explainer/meditation/opus on coding called “What Is Code?” by programmer and writer Paul Ford. Here’s our TL;DR version. Read More >>

windows phone
Windows Phone 8.1 Revealed, Includes Javascript, VPN Support, and *Urgh* 3D

Microsoft has reportedly begun sending out invites, giving developers the opportunity to try out the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1. One of said developers has taken to Reddit and revealed a number of features in the SDK. Read More >>

star wars
Awesome Guy Re-Created the Star Wars Opening Crawl with HTML and CSS

Here's something completely awesome on a day that needs more awesome. Tim Pietrusky recreated the famous opening crawl of Star Wars from 1977 using HTML, CSS and JavaScript because he couldn't find a web version of it. Read More >>

iphone 5
The iPhone 5 Totally Destroys the Competition, on Javascript at Least

We got hints from an early Geekbench result that the iPhone 5 was going to be flying. It seems that Apple's really has worked some magic, both with iOS 6 and its custom silicon, to make the iPhone 5 absolutely blazing at crunching Javascript. Browsing on the iPhone 5 is going to be lightning quick. Read More >>

Here’s How to Blow Up Websites You Don’t Like with Bombs

I know there are times when you're cruising down the Internet highway, looking for a laugh as your hair is being blown back by AC when you stumble upon something so annoying that you start shaking your monitor and hope that it just blows up. It happens to all of us. We never do anything. But now you can. Read More >>

Facebook porn virus attack
Facebook Porn Virus Litters People’s News Feeds

Looks like that risqué Justin Bieber image your friend posted, wasn't really their handy work. A 'virus' has been wrecking havoc on Facebook, posting porn, photoshopped celebrities, violent and abusive pictures, all through a browser vulnerability. Read More >>

Google Dart
Google Is Working on a New Programming Language Called Dart, but Will it Be a Javascript killer?

Google apparently thinks parts of Javascript kinda suck because they're now working on a new web programming language called Dart that's meant to remedy and simplify the more problematic aspects of the coding process. Read More >>