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Hear George Lucas’ First Screening of Star Wars as Recreated in a New Narrative Podcast Called Blockbuster

Did you ever dream of being in the room during an iconic moment of film history? A new podcast called Blockbuster is doing its best to make that dream a reality. Read More >>

The Original Jaws Poster is Getting the Limited Edition Version It Rightfully Deserves

There are some great posters out there for Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. But really, nothing can touch the original. Roger Kastel’s iconic, terrifying image of a giant shark about to eat a swimmer has captivated the world since 1975, and continues to be the most recognisable (and sought after) image of the film. Read More >>

A Jaws-Themed Deck of Cards Is Surprisingly More Beautiful Than Gory

You’d probably expect a deck of Jaws-themed playing cards to be chocked full of gory imagery and only available in the back pages of Fangoria magazine. But the artwork on this deck is downright beautiful, to the point where you’ll almost want to frame an image of a swimmer being attacked by a great white shark—almost. Read More >>

Turn Your Kid Into Jaws With a Shark Fin Swimming Float

How do you teach your child how to swim if the idea of jumping in a pool prompts a temper tantrum? Easy: convince them they're one of the ocean's most dominant predators by strapping a safety aid to their back. Read More >>

The Bizarre Story of How the Original Poster for Jaws Went Missing

The first pages of Peter Benchley's 1974 novel, Jaws, as well as the opening minutes of Steven Spielberg's 1975 blockbuster, begin with the attack of a young, late-night skinny dipper named Chrissie Watkins, who's dragged to her watery doom by a great white shark, feeding in the waters off the seaside vacation town of Amity. The book and film struck a chord, in no small part because they capitalised on our fear of the unknown—in this case, of being chomped to death by untold rows of unseen teeth. Read More >>

Men May Have Evolved Bigger Jaws to Survive Fights

Some of our early ancestors may have evolved their chunky brows and sturdy jaws not because of dietary or environmental reasons, but as a defence against the fists of rival men battling for that last tasty dinosaur burger or the affections of the hairiest lady in the village. Read More >>

Megabus Tickets For a Quid Is Your Cliff Richard-Free Deal of the Day

"We’re all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or two, fun and laughter on a summer holiday, blah de blah blah blah blah..." Read More >>

Watch These Classic Movie Trailers Re-Purposed for Vine

Trailer-editing professionals TOKYO experimented with Vine recently by re-editing a handful of trailers into six-second, near seizure-inducing cinematic bursts inspired by The Wolverine Vine trailer. You've never seen Aliens like this. Read More >>

Some Serious Effort Went Into Restoring Jaws for Blu-Ray

Film restoration is an incredibly complex process that can enrich an old movie and truly make it sing on that 50-inch flat screen and surround system you just bought. And when the film being restored is Jaws, you make damn sure you get it right. Read More >>