Amazon Wins Court Injunction, Halting Work on Multi-Billion JEDI Contract it Lost to Microsoft

A federal judge in the US just put the brakes on a major military contract after Amazon argued it only lost out to rival Microsoft because the president wanted to “screw” CEO Jeff Bezos. Read More >>

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The Best Things The Phantom Menace Brought to Star Wars

Say what you will about The Phantom Menace, but it’s crucial to what makes Star Wars great. Sure, it introduced lots of not-so-popular characters and concepts, but it balanced that out with even more things that, in the 20 years since its release, have aged quite gracefully. Things that improved and expanded the franchise drastically. So much so, they almost certainly outshine things like Jar Jar or midi-chlorians. Read More >>

Tech Workers Ask Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon to Not Pursue Pentagon Contracts

Google employees have spent the past few months pushing back against their company’s involvement in Project Maven, a US Department of Defense initiative to enhance image processing of drone footage using artificial intelligence. As Gizmodo first reported, Google is contracted with the DoD to provide artificial intelligence for Project Maven—a decision that many employees opposed because they did not think it was appropriate for Google to develop battlefield technology. Read More >>

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Even Pretending to Be a Jedi Is Hard Work

There's no doubt the actors behind the more physical roles in Star Wars: The Last Jedi have had to put the hard yards in. Stunt people only get you so far. To illustrate the demands placed on the likes of Daisy Ridley and Gwendoline Christie, the Star Wars YouTube channel has published a short training featurette. Read More >>

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These Star Wars Parkour Guys Are Probably Real Life Jedis

If you dress up like a Jedi on a day that's not October 31st (even if it is October 31st, actually), you're probably going to be branded a geek. Wear that proudly! But if you dress up like a Jedi and do parkour tricks in the freaking desert, while looking like you're in a chase sequence for the next Star Wars movie, well, you're still a geek, but one everyone's envious of. Read More >>

How to Be an Absolute Dick and Prank People With Star Wars

Want to prank people with the power of the Force? Get in a lift and wave your hand like a Jedi while a buddy hits the button from outside. I'm sure it'll work. Just be prepared for the other people in the lift to death grip you post prank -- frankly, they'd be well within their rights to slice you up with a lightsabre. [YouTube via Geeks are Sexy via io9] Read More >>

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This Is What It Would Look Like to Actually Be Darth Vader Slicing Up a Jedi

Ever wondered what it would be like, first-person-style, in a battle between Darth Vader and a Jedi? Wonder no more, because you can now watch Vader death grip some hapless lightsabre wielder through his own two eyes. Brilliant. Read More >>

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Watch Hundreds Of New Yorkers Battle Like Darth Maul

New York City's Washington Square Park was the host to a giant Lightsaber Battle. Almost a thousand people showed up to battle it out in epic Star Wars style. Read More >>