Amazon’s Alexa Microwave Is as Dumb as It Is Brilliant

A voice-activated microwave is a terrible idea and a pointless frivolity, a device which solves a problem almost no one had. Why trust your lying eyes? Amazon’s Basics microwave (with Alexa!) is no such bauble, and as silly a creation as it may appear, it’s the company’s cutthroat business as usual. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Now Has a £1.5 Billion Charity Fund — I Have Some Questions

Jeff Bezos, who is both famously uncharitable and the wealthiest man in modern history, announced today via a tweet that he’d be allocating $2 billion (about £1.5 billion) — a little over 1 per cent of his net worth — to housing and educating underserved communities. So, where’s the catch? Read More >>

Amazon Warehouse Strike in Spain Reportedly Results in Police Clashes, Arrests

The second day of a three-day strike by Amazon warehouse workers near Madrid coinciding with the e-commerce giant’s Prime Day promotion escalated significantly on Tuesday, with trade unions telling Spanish newspaper Público that police in riot gear had charged the strikers multiple times on supposed grounds they were blocking traffic. Police arrested at least two participants in the protest, with one worker allegedly hit in the face with a truncheon and losing teeth as a result. Read More >>

Amazon Workers Strike During Prime Day Crunch

Thousands of Amazon workers in Europe seeking better conditions and pay are engaged in a coordinated strike meant to coincide with Prime Day, the company’s invented shopping holiday. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Ascends to Richest Person on Prime Day

Amazon’s malign power has grown to the point where for several years now, it has declared its own holiday, Prime Day, which is essentially centred around giving it huge amounts of money while ignoring that it is maybe evil. This year’s Prime Day is especially special, because the Bloomberg Billionaires Index has declared Amazon’s tyrant CEO Jeff Bezos the richest individual in modern recorded history when adjusting for inflation. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Details Plan to Make Blue Origin the Amazon of the Moon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ plans to splurge some of his jaw-dropping wealth pushing his private spaceflight company Blue Origin towards the business of moon colonisation—think Elon Musk’s dreams of a SpaceX-backed colony on Mars, but much less likely to get everyone involved killed—dropped last year. Read More >>

Amazon Sued by Former Human Resources Administrator for Alleged ‘Unlawful Employment Practices’

Amazon Logistics acted discriminatorily and unlawfully fired a former senior human resources administrator, a suit filed in Florida’s Southern District Court alleges. Read More >>

You and 99,999,999 Other People are Amazon Prime Subscribers

Amazon CEO and Lex Luthor lookalike Jeff Bezos announced Wednesday in a letter to shareholders that more than 100 million people around the world are subscribers to Amazon Prime, providing them the privilege of getting all the shit they buy delivered in just two days. Read More >>

Richest Person in the World Takes Robot Dog For a Walk, Which is Totally Fine and Normal

There are some people who might take one look at this photo of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, and freak the hell out. The Amazon founder is walking with a robotic “dog” called SpotMini—the same robot dog manufactured by Boston Dynamics, which was recently filmed opening doors like a velociraptor out of Jurassic Park. Read More >>

Amazon Japan Raided by Antitrust Agency

Amazon Japan was raided today by business watchdog agency the Japan Fair Trade Commission on suspicions of anti-competitive practices. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Eats Iguana, Vows to Make Space Travel Cheaper With ‘Amazon Lottery Winnings’

It was a black tie evening of glamour, champagne toasts, and lizard flesh at the annual Explorers Club dinner gala this weekend, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was one of the guests of honour. Read More >>

Amazon Is Exploring Checking Accounts for the Young and the Unbanked: Report

According to The Wall Street Journal, the online retail giant has approached several large banks about creating a “checking-account-like product” aimed at “younger customers and those without bank accounts.” Read More >>

The Method-2 Looks as Menacing as Ever, But You Could Probably Still Defeat It With a Shallow Incline

Humans may remain pathetic creatures of meat and bone, but the era of the almighty humanoid terminator is not yet upon us. CNBC recently got an opportunity to test-drive South Korean firm Hankook Mirae Technology’s really cool looking Method-2, which just so happens to be the very bipedal robot that aspiring post-apocalyptic warlord Jeff Bezos got into on stage at Amazon’s annual robotics conference last year. Read More >>

Amazon to Blow Over £720 Million on Doorbells: Report

Amazon has made some big acquisitions over the years. Whole Foods cost around £10 billion. Game-streaming platform Twitch and online shoe store Zappos weren’t cheap either. For its next act of ruthless corporate consolidation, the everything store run by the richest man on Earth reportedly plans to drop over $1 billion (£720 million) on doorbell company Ring, probably the one element of package delivery Amazon hasn’t found some way to wring more money from yet. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Begins Installation of His Bonkers 10,000 Year Clock

Depending on the day, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is either the richest or second richest human on Earth. And while he’s trying to figure out how to use some of that money philanthropically, he announced today that construction has begun on the giant clock in the middle of nowhere that he put up $42 million to build. The 10,000 Year Clock is intended as a symbolic reminder that we should consider the long-term impact of our actions. Read More >>