238 Thirsty Cities Compete for Amazon’s Attention

The proposal deadline has come and gone on Amazon’s unusually public search to plant a second headquarters in one of North America’s metropolitan areas. Among other factors, Amazon’s stated “preference” for candidates, cities with a population over 1 million, should have whittled possible HQ2 locales down to a few dozen. Instead, the final tally of hopefuls topped 200. Read More >>

Well, It’s Official: FTC Gives Green Light for Amazon to Buy Whole Foods

The Federal Trade Commission, the US government body in charge of consumer protection and investigating anti-competitive marketplace practices, has announced that it will not stand in the way of Amazon’s plan to merge with Whole Foods. Read More >>

Amazon is Being Sued for Alleged Cruel Discrimination Against Transgender Employee 

According to a recently filed lawsuit, a married couple faced persistent, cruel, and grotesque abuse at an Amazon shipping facility, and human resources did nothing to help. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Surges Ahead of Bill Gates to Become World’s Richest Rich Guy

Last night, Amazon share prices surged and Microsoft shares dipped, allowing Jeff Bezos to surpass Bill Gates in new worth, dethroning Emperor Clippy to become the king of the rich nerds for the first time. Read More >>

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Jeff Bezos in Instagram Debut: ‘I Am Fun’

Commercial space tourism company Blue Origin, and its overlord Jeff Bezos, have been pretty quiet over the last few months. But last week, the Amazon founder made his first Instagram post, which appears to show the billionaire stranded on the roof of his own rocket facility in Florida. Because he is Fun. Haha. Read More >>

At This Point, Amazon Can Crush a Company Just By Filing for a Trademark

Amazon is an unstoppable beast, consuming all industries that are ripe for disruption and unfortunate enough to cross its path. On Monday, its latest victim was the struggling food delivery service Blue Apron. Read More >>

Trump Accuses Amazon of Not Paying “Internet Taxes,” Which Aren’t a Thing

In an apparent attempt to discredit The Washington Post the day after it published a report on fake Donald Trump Time magazine covers hanging up at his golf courses, the president posted one of his most confusing tweets since taking office. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos, Aspiring Supervillain, Tests Out Gigantic Robot Suit

What would you do if you were a billionaire? Elon Musk is trying to get to Mars. Peter Thiel wants to live forever. And Jeff Bezos, well, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos apparently wants to rule the world in a gigantic robot. At least that’s the impression you might get from the photos and video taken yesterday. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Talks to Alexa on the Toilet

Things can get pretty boring when you’re the fourth richest person in the world, so Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has installed one of his company’s products in every room of his house—including the bathrooms. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Still Wants to Send Trump to Space

Amazon's Jeff Bezos reaffirmed his desire to send Donald Trump into space today. Speaking at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit this afternoon, the billionaire half-joked, “I have a rocket company, so the capability is there.” But Bezos is serious about not liking Trump. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos is the Real Star of the Emmys

While the Star Trek actor and Amazon CEO wasn’t nominated for an Emmy this year, Jeff Bezos managed to steal the limelight at the award show on Sunday. Read More >>

The Emails I Received From People Who Think I’m Friends With Jeff Bezos

About a year ago, I wrote an article with a tricky headline. I now receive lots of emails from people who either think I’m pals with or am Amazon CEO and Star Trek: Beyond extra Jeff Bezos. It would be funny, if the messages weren’t so heart-breaking. Read More >>

Amazon, Here’s What Not to Do With Your Upcoming Wearables

Jeff Bezos this week refused to rule out the possibility of Amazon creating a wearable at some point in the future (shock horror), leading the internet to insist that that the company’s already got something you can strap around your wrist/face/ankle in the works, and it’s definitely coming out this summer. Isn’t that right, internet? Read More >>

Trump Thinks Amazon is ‘Getting Away With Murder’

Donald Trump has hit out at Jeff Bezos, accusing him of using the Washington Post “for political purposes... to save Amazon in terms of taxes”. Read More >>

Amazon’s Launching a New Top-Level Kindle Next Week

They’re not exactly the sexiest devices on the market, but Amazon’s line of Kindle devices is still really important to the company. Let’s face it, nobody cares about eReaders unless they’ve got that A-Z smile slapped across their backsides, and Amazon would be mad not to cash in. Read More >>