Sony’s Jelly Bean Update Starts Hitting Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra

Two of Sony's biggest and best black rectangles are about to get a little more exciting to own, thanks to the maker saying it's ready to start pushing its take on Google's Android 4.3 code to the Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra. It usually takes a while to hit everyone in every country, but it's coming. [Sony] Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 Update Put on Hold After Masses of Bug Complaints

Users updating their Samsung Galaxy S3s to Samsung's latest Android 4.3 release have been plastering the internet with complaints about the poor quality of the release, so much so that Samsung's been forced into pulling the bug-update. Read More >>

Stream Everything To Your Chromecast With This Clever Workaround

People are greedy. We just are. What we want is all the content. All the content streaming to our Chromecasts. And as the dog days of summer have slowly ticked by Vimeo, Redbox Instant and Hulu have been the main streaming services to promise apps for our precious little dongles. Which is great, but we want more. We want all the streaming services. All the video and audio the internet can offer. More, more, MORE. Read More >>

Just Look at How Much Worse Android Fragmentation Got Last Year

Android fragmentation has been a point of contention for many, many years. And the latest report from OpenSignal, the world's largest database of crowdsourced coverage information, suggests that it's only gotten worse over the last year. Read More >>

Have You Got Your Android 4.3 Update Yet?

Google's latest Android 4.3 code is supposed to be arriving via over-the-air updates to owners of current generation Nexus devices right now, bringing a handful of new features and plenty of behind-the-scenes tweaks to the Android hardcore. Have you got yours yet? Read More >>

Got an HTC One? Your Juicy Android 4.2.2 Update Should Be Here

After teasing us all with the roll out of its long-promised, and decidedly great Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update last week, HTC's just announced that it's finally hit HTC Ones in the UK. So check for updates and let us know how you get on. Let's see which of the networks have held it back. [HTC] Read More >>

HTC One Newspaper
The HTC One Finally Gets Its Worth-the-Wait Android 4.2.2 Upgrade

After promising for ages, then delaying it and killing it off on other phones like the One S, HTC's finally come through with an Android 4.2.2 update for the much-loved HTC One. What a cracking point update it is too, because HTC's finally fixed one of the One's biggest gripes. Read More >>

Android 4.3 Notifications System Exposed, Possibly Opened up to Other Apps

A quite technical disassembly job on a leaked build of Android 4.3 has found some interesting changes inside Google's Notifications feature, which appear to suggest that third-party apps may soon be able to read and interact with your phone or tablet's system messages. Read More >>

Android 4.3’s Arrival Imminent as Images Leak and Samsung Prepares Google Edition Upgrade

Images have emerged showing a version of Google's next mobile OS update running on the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4, with one lucky user's phone now updated to feature the 4.3 Jelly Bean code. Read More >>

Time to Update: CyanogenMod 10.1 Is Now Golden

For those in the custom ROM scene, this is fairly big news. Having hit release candidate a couple of weeks back, Jelly Bean-packing CyanogenMod -- one of our favourite of all Android ROMS -- has finally hit a full, non-beta release. CyanogenMod 10.1 based on Android 4.2.2 is now stable, so time to get flashing. [CyanogenMod] Read More >>

HTC One Google Edition Brings Stock Android to the Best Android Phone

On Stage at the D11 conference, Sundar Pichai confirmed rumours that an HTC One Google Edition running vanilla Android will be available in the US on June 26th for $600 (so probably about £500 over here). That means the best Android phone in the world will be available unlocked without the clunky HTC Sense skin. Heck yeah. Read More >>

How Android’s Multitasking Experience Could Be Even Better

Lately I've been thinking about the multitasking experience on Android, and I feel like there's still a lot to improve on. I love how the thumbnails come up, but in 4.2.2 they made it so that the current app joined the list of "Recent Apps". This looks great on phones and small-sized tablets, but it looks really bad on large tablets (ie. Nexus 10) in landscape mode. Here's how to make it better. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Hands On: Thin, Light, and Very Promising (Update: UK Pricing and Release Date)

We've known about Sony's Xperia Tablet Z for the last month, with Sony promising incredible lightness, thinness, speed, and beauty. Guess what? It delivers. Read More >>

How Google Makes Android Understand You

It's the future, and that being the case, you're going to want to talk to your smartphone and have it make heads or tails of what you're saying. Getting that to work can be a pretty tough job however, unless your phone can learn like a human. And as Wired explains, that's exactly what Google's Jelly Bean operating system does. Read More >>

Samsung’s Jelly Bean Update Hitting European Galaxy S II Phones

Those of you who defiantly stuck with a Galaxy S II amid amazing pressure to upgrade are about to have your moment in the sun, thanks to Samsung pushing out its Android 4.1 update in Europe. It hit Spain yesterday, so could pop up on unlocked phones in the UK any time now. Keep checking for system updates. Make that your full-time job. [Sam Mobile] Read More >>