The Grand Tour Game is Amusingly Bad

Available now for the low, low price of £11.99/$14.99, playing The Grand Tour Game is like taking a trip back in time. Read More >>

You Asked For It: What James O’Malley Thinks of The Grand Tour’s Third Series Premiere

When I signed off my Gizmodo UK editorship last October, I was sad to go. Despite the promise of new challenges ahead, I was going to miss working with my excellent colleagues. But whenever I felt sad about it, I gave myself a little pep talk while looking in the bathroom mirror: “At least you’ll never have to watch The Grand Tour ever again”, I’d tell myself. Read More >>

The New Nissan Leaf Proves Range Anxiety Is Bullshit

One day, 2018 might be looked back upon as the year that everything changed for cars. Every car maker is now hard at work building electric vehicles to replace their carbon-spewing predecessors. Tesla’s Roadster has literally been launched into space. And perhaps most importantly: Nissan has released a new version of the Leaf, a vehicle which might represent an unarguable move into the mainstream for EVs. Read More >>

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Top Gear Is Still Better Than The Grand Tour, But Risks Making The Same Mistakes As Its Rival

When the BBC sacked decided not to renew the contract of Jeremy Clarkson, and when Clarkson responded by doing pretty much the same old show but on Amazon’s Prime Video platform, the events created what scientists call a “natural experiment”. Read More >>

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The Grand Tour S2E7 Preview: Audi Quattro Vs Lancia

The Grand Tour is back again tomorrow for the 7th episode in the current season, meaning we're just over half way. But what can we expect from Clarkson, Hammond and May? Here's Amazon's official episode description: Read More >>

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The Grand Tour S2E4 Preview: The Show Is Going “Unscripted”

So, over the last few weeks we've repeatedly slagged off The Grand Tour for being so egregiously scripted. From the official press release, it certainly sounds like on this Friday's show, Clarkson, Hammond and May will be getting their own back. Here's the official Amazon description: Read More >>

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The Grand Tour S2E3 Preview: St Tropez, Majorca and Hugh Bonneville

Hammond is still on crutches on this Friday's Grand Tour, as we see the trio of presenters head around the world to drive some fast cars and engage in more scripted banter. Here's the official description of what we can expect from Amazon's press release: Read More >>

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A Forensic Debunking Of The Grand Tour’s Trip To Switzerland

At some point over the course of the last 100 years, anglophone conceptions of manhood became inexplicably linked with a car’s ability to burn fossil fuel and make a loud noise. Or at least, that appears to be the case for Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May - as The Grand Tour is basically one long crisis of masculinity. Read More >>

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The Grand Tour Still Hasn’t Learnt From Its Mistakes

This time last year was a dark time for me. I was trapped in a relationship from which I just couldn’t escape: Every week Amazon would put out a brand new episode of The Grand Tour, and every week, with grim inevitability, I would end up hate-watching and writing about why I don’t like it. Read More >>

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WATCH: The Grand Tour Season 2 Trailer Shows Richard Hammond Moments Before The Crash

This morning to coincide with Prime Day, Amazon posted the trailer for the second season of The Grand Tour which is due to hit screens later this year. It hasn't officially made its way on to YouTube yet, but one impatient fan has uploaded it. We'll replace this with the official one as soon as it lands: Read More >>

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[Updated] Richard Hammond Knocked Unconscious In Grand Tour Motorbike Accident

This article has been updated with a statement from Richard Hammond. Read More >>

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It’s The Season Finale Of The Grand Tour – Here’s A Free Way To Keep The Boys In Your Life

The season finale of The Grand Tour is now streaming, meaning series 1 has come to an end and we're once again without new episodes of car-based camaraderie. But there's a free way you can keep the GT boys in your life for a little longer - if you have an Amazon Alexa device. Read More >>

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Grand Tour Episode 9 Preview: Germany and Nuclear Annihilation

Over Christmas we were treated to two episodes of The Grand Tour over the course of two days, as we watched Clarkson, May and Hammond conquer the Namibian desert before a grand finale that saw them zip-wire their cars across rock terrain to a beachside finish line. Read More >>

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The Grand Tour Episodes 7 & 8 Preview: Finally, An Actual Grand Tour

Good news! After spending six weeks in a tent, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are finally going on a full-sized grand tour - in two special episodes that follow a road trip across Namibia. Read More >>