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WATCH: The Grand Tour Season 2 Trailer Shows Richard Hammond Moments Before The Crash

This morning to coincide with Prime Day, Amazon posted the trailer for the second season of The Grand Tour which is due to hit screens later this year. It hasn't officially made its way on to YouTube yet, but one impatient fan has uploaded it. We'll replace this with the official one as soon as it lands: Read More >>

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[Updated] Richard Hammond Knocked Unconscious In Grand Tour Motorbike Accident

This article has been updated with a statement from Richard Hammond. Read More >>

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It’s The Season Finale Of The Grand Tour – Here’s A Free Way To Keep The Boys In Your Life

The season finale of The Grand Tour is now streaming, meaning series 1 has come to an end and we're once again without new episodes of car-based camaraderie. But there's a free way you can keep the GT boys in your life for a little longer - if you have an Amazon Alexa device. Read More >>

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Grand Tour Episode 9 Preview: Germany and Nuclear Annihilation

Over Christmas we were treated to two episodes of The Grand Tour over the course of two days, as we watched Clarkson, May and Hammond conquer the Namibian desert before a grand finale that saw them zip-wire their cars across rock terrain to a beachside finish line. Read More >>

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The Grand Tour Episodes 7 & 8 Preview: Finally, An Actual Grand Tour

Good news! After spending six weeks in a tent, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are finally going on a full-sized grand tour - in two special episodes that follow a road trip across Namibia. Read More >>

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Grand Tour Episode 6 Preview – A Christmas Special in Lapland

It might be Christmas, but that doesn't mean that The Grand Tour is taking a break. Tomorrow's show is, in fact, something of a Christmas special, with the presenters pitching their tent deep into the Arctic Circle, in Kakslauttanen, Finland. Read More >>

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The Real Story Behind the Pedestrian Crossings in Trafalgar Square, As Discussed on Episode 4 of The Grand Tour

If you tuned into Episode 4 of The Grand Tour, then you'll have seen Clarkson, Hammond and May express their bemusement at a series of pedestrian crossings around Trafalgar Square, in which the "green man" has been replaced with a bunch of symbols representing different sexualities. Here's the designs: Read More >>

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James May & Richard Hammond Really Did Blow Up Jeremy Clarkson’s House in Grand Tour Episode 3 – But The Twitter Prank in Italy Was Fake

Grand Tour Episode 3 is out today - and features Clarkson, Hammond and May touring across Northern Italy in something approximating the historical "Grand Tour". Read More >>

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Here’s How to Win Free Tickets for the UK Episode of The Grand Tour

Get excited. See forms. Sigh. Fill in forms. Do superstitious stuff. Check inbox thrice as frequently as usual. Read More >>

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The Logo for Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour is Packed With 80s Flare

Jeremy Clarkson’s decided to try to distract us all from politics for a moment by tweeting out the logo for his upcoming car show. We quite like its old-school feel, and they've even managed to make the 'Amazon Original' slogan look alright too. It’s very 80s. Feel free to get angry in the comments section if you disagree. Read More >>

Jeremy Clarkson’s Amazon Car Show FINALLY Has a Name (and it’s Crap)

After months and months of agonising deliberation -- mainly from the public, if any of Clarkson's chilled out little Facebook videos are anything to go by -- the upcoming Amazon car show that can't be called Top Gear finally has an official name. Read More >>

What Would You Name Clarkson’s Amazon Car Show?

We finally sort of believe Clarkson. Everyone’s favourite obnoxious Jeremy (sorry Mr Kyle) has long claimed that he and his boys have been struggling to come up with a name for the upcoming Amazon car show that can’t be called Top Gear, and now he’s invited fans to, well, do the job for him. Read More >>

Clarkson Left With Bloodied Nose After ‘Unusual’ Car Stunt For Amazon

In a successful attempt to wrestle back the limelight after the release of the first Chris Evans-fronted Top Gear trailer, Jeremy Clarkson has shown off some of the injuries sustained in his latest car stunt. The extremely hateable but somehow much-loved presenter, who last week announced he was about to take part in “the most dangerous stunt” he’d ever attempted, took to Twitter to show off his bloodied nose and soot-covered face, captioning his selfie with, “I survived the day. Just.” Read More >>

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James May’s Doing the Amazon Prime Version of Top Gear Out of Duty, Not Choice

Former Top Gear presenter James May has revealed a few more details about the new car show set to debut on Amazon Prime this autumn. He’s confirmed that he and fellow hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond have a massive budget to play with, and that there'll be at least 30 episodes to look forward to. Read More >>

Jeremy Clarkson’s Amazon Prime Car Show Will Air This Autumn

James May has revealed a vague launch date for the new Clarkson-fronted, still-nameless Amazon car show, saying that it will hit Amazon Prime at some point in autumn. “The Autumn, or fall if you’re in the US,” he told a user during a Reddit AMA this week. “That’s as specific as I can be.” Read More >>