Watchmen Creator Alan Moore Explains Why He’s Voting Today For the First Time in 40 Years

Alan Moore, the legendary co-creator of graphic novels like Watchmen and V For Vendetta, hasn’t voted in 40 years. But he’s voting in Britain’s general election today for the Labour Party. Why? According to a new video, Moore says that he’s not sure the UK would ever have a meaningful vote again if the Conservatives got another four years in power. Read More >>

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Labour Party Hit With ‘Sophisticated and Large Scale’ Cyber Attack During Election Campaign

The Labour Party announced on Tuesday that it’s been hit with a “sophisticated and large scale” cyber attack on its digital platforms but suggested that all of its data was secure. Read More >>

Michael Gove Says Batman Can Never Be Prime Minister

We love a good subtitle fail – analysts reduced to 'anal cysts', or of course the infamous Year of the Whores: Read More >>

How Would Jeremy Corbyn’s Plan To Tax Big Tech Actually Work?

It turns out that when Jeremy Corbyn isn’t busy being present but not participating in wreath-layings with dodgy characters, he likes to spend time thinking not about wreaths, but Reithian values. Read More >>

Anatomy Of A Tweetstorm: Looking At The Numbers Behind #ResignWatson

Ahh, Sunday evening. An opportunity to sit back and relax for a precious few hours before the work week begins again. But it turns out that not everyone last night was watching Ed Balls don a leotard on the telly, or grinding through a pile on ironing. Some people spent their evening furiously tweeting about the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, and calling for him to resign. Read More >>

Jeremy Corbyn Pledges To Investigate The Rising Cost Of Freddos

There's an old saying that you can judge the state of the economy based on the price of a Freddo. Cadbury's dirt-cheap cartoon frog bars are staple stock in corner shops across the country, and the price means they're ideal pocket money fodder. In the good old days of 2000 they were 10p each, but 18 years later they're an extortionate 25p. Luckily Jeremy Corbyn has promised to investigate this matter, which will no doubt make him universally loved by the UK population. Read More >>

Donald Trump Duped into Retweeting Picture of Jeremy Corbyn

Donald Trump really should double check the things he retweets, because once again he's retweeted a picture of someone without realising who they really are. But instead of retweeting pictures of serial killers, this time he retweeted a picture of notable leftie (and newly elected leader of the Labour Party) Jeremy Corbyn. Read More >>

Messiah Jeremy Corbyn’s Used Coffee Cup Sells for £51

Jeremy Corbyn -- possible political saviour and hero of many left-wing social media echo chambers -- has moved up into the higher echelons of the celebrity world since storming the race to become the next leader of the Labour party, with things the Special One has touched now offered for sale as mementos of His time among us. Read More >>