Jessops is Today’s Doom-Threatened High Street Name

High street camera chain Jessops, which went bust six years ago but managed to avoid total extinction by selling a few decent assets to TV businessman Peter Jones, is preparing to declare itself bankrupt again and begin a process that could see some of its 46 remaining outlets closed for good. Read More >>

Jessops is Re-Opening Under Peter Jones, Shit-Eating Grin Not Included

Jessops was probably the most annoying High Street shut-down to happen earlier this year, and certainly one of the most tragic. However, you can wipe away those tears (with an appropriately soft micro-fibre cloth, of course), because Jessops is back TODAY, complete with photos of Peter Jones looking awkward in a cheapo-polyester fleece. Read More >>

New Jessops site launching soon
Jessops Is About to Make a Comeback

Are you stoked that Jessops isn't dead? Want to jump on the Peter Jones revival bandwagon? Well, now you can, because the new Jessops website is almost here, and you can sign up for updates! Amazing. Read More >>

Peter Jones From Dragons’ Den Buys Jessops

I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news for the poor staff of the now defunct Jessops, but Peter Jones, he of Dragons' Den fame, has bought the brand in conjunction with a couple of other investors. According to the Telegraph, it's likely Jessops will become an internet-only retailer, ditching stores and therefore staff. Read More >>

You May’ve Lost Your Gift Voucher, But I Lost My Job

On Christmas Eve 2008, I found out I would be losing my job. There is no day of the year to find out something like that, but it seems that Christmas Eve is a particularly bad one. I remember it very clearly, even down to what I was wearing. I was packing to go home over Christmas and I got a text off my friend Susie, telling me that the shop we both worked in had been taken over by administrators. And just like that, I knew my job would be gone. Read More >>

Jessops and HMV May Combine for Ultimate Retail Fail Combo

Staggering news has emerged from the debris of the HMV collapse, with sources claiming that the music chain's financial saviour could also be considering a bid for part of dead camera chain Jessops -- and might install Jessops booths inside HMV branches for the ultimate in retro retail experiences. Read More >>

Blockbuster and the High Street — Where Did It All Go Wrong?

The High Street as we know it is being brutally and violently gutted by a big bully called Administration. Household names are toppling like badly placed dominoes; what's to blame -- the recession, the internet, or all of us just being scrooges? Read More >>

Jessops blames Amazon
image cache
Jessops: It’s All Amazon’s Fault

At least someone's got a sense of humour over the whole Jessops-going-into-administration thing, even if they are totally on the money with this one. Too soon? Not according to the now-jobless staffers. [Twitter] Read More >>

Are You Sad to See HMV Going Down? And Who Do You Think Could Follow?

Late last night, probably in some tense boardroom at the top of a skyscraper, High Street giant HMV made the call to pull the plug and appoint administrators. This follows in the recent illustrious tradition of High Street tech stores biting the dust: first Game, then Comet, Jessops, and now HMV have gone into administration. Are you sad to see them go? Read More >>

Jessops Stores Officially Closed For Good

Bad news I'm afraid. After plunging into administration, the high street has lost yet another 187 stores and 1,370 jobs, as Jessops has shut up shop for good. Apparently suppliers cut its lifeline, which meant Jessops had no future, and it seems there won't even be a fire sale to console us either. Read More >>

Weathering the Jessops Administration

I've only ever been on the other side of an administration; I'm normally the one getting up early to try and get 20 per cent off a TV or a few Xbox games for cheap. This year, for 2013, I'm the one in the firing line. Approximately one hour before I was meant to close my store, I was informed of the news not by my manager, not even by my area manager, but by Sky News. My employer, Jessops incase you hadn't already guessed, was in administration with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Read More >>

Another High Street Store Bites the Dust as Jessops Calls It Quits

Another well-known British high street chain has been forced into administration. Jessops, the last remaining camera store chain in the UK, has just folded, with PricewaterhouseCoopers now taking charge. If you had any Jessops vouchers or were hoping to return a camera, you're fat out of luck. Read More >>