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Here’s the World’s Largest Jet Engine

Between the two huge chunks of concrete in the moody dusk photo above is the world largest jet engine, which was recently assembled by General Electric engineers. It’s the first working prototype of the GE9X turbofan engine, which GE is putting through the paces at the company’s test range near Peebles, Ohio. You might be wondering just how huge the world’s hugest engine is. According to GE, “Shaquille O’Neil would fit inside it with Kobe Bryant sitting on his shoulders.” Read More >>

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Holy Crap It’s Good This Airplane Wasn’t Flying When Its Jet Exploded

Yesterday this Airbus A330 was zipping down the runway of Manchester Airport, UK, ready to take off and head to the Dominican Republic. And then, holy crap, its jet engine exploded. Read More >>

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This Is How Engineers Guarantee Jet Engines Can Work in the Cold

This expanse of metal might not look much, but it's actually the NASA test facility that allows engine manufacturers to simulate flying through the upper atmosphere—and ensure engines don't fail when things get too cold. Read More >>