We Finally Know Why Jet Lag Is Much Worse Flying East

Jet lag is objectively terrible. It grants no immunity and bends to no form of treatment, unless “consuming an entire bottle of your favourite spirit” is considered treatment. (It’s not.) But according to conventional wisdom, some kinds of jet lag are worse than others—travelling east, for example, is harder on the sleep cycle than travelling west. As it turns out, conventional wisdom is largely correct. Read More >>

Jet Lag Pill Could Correct a Wonky Body Clock After a Night Shift Down the Disco

Researchers looking into how certain hormones work inside the brain have come up with the concept of a jet lag treatment, one that could reset the body's internal clock by performing a factory reset of our natural rhythms by suppressing an enzyme that effects the brain. Read More >>

How to Keep Travel From Wrecking Your Body

It goes without saying that modern methods of travel — planes, trains, and automobiles — are a hell of a lot better than ye olde horse and buggy days, but convenience has a cost. Many hours of remaining sedentary exact a serious tax on your body. While nothing you do can make a long trip a zero-impact affair, there are some things you can do to mitigate the stresses you put on your physique. Read More >>

Nuke Jet Lag and Look Like a Complete Idiot Doing It

Loads of people say they have the cure for jet lag, from a ballpoint pen rubbed on your big toe, to starving yourself on the plane, but the folks behind the 'Re-Timer' reckon, through science, they've finally got the answer: an insane-looking pair of green, light-up glasses that trick your brain into resetting your body clock. Read More >>