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This is What it’s Like to Fly a Jet

No music. No flashy moves. No missile launches. And yet this video is still incredible. It's just flying sequence after flying sequence of Russian Air Force MiG-31s cruising through the sky. Filmed by GoPro cameras strapped to a MiG, this footage is probably the closest we'll ever get to flying a fighter jet. Seeing the world from such a powerful beast of a machine somehow simplifies things. Read More >>

Please, Someone Make This Awesome Jet-Powered Hoverboard Happen

One of the only things that rescues Back to the Future II is the awesome hoverboard scene. We all know this. Mattel's even made a model version. You know what's more badass than a hoverboard though? A hoverboard with a jet turbine stuck on the bottom. Marty McFly, eat your heart out. Read More >>

Watch the 152,455-piece Lego Rolls-Royce Engine In Action

Holy bucket of bricks — that 152,455-piece, 307-kg, 2m-long Lego Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 jet engine doesn't only look insane — it also moves! Watch the most complicated Lego machine in action. Read More >>

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There’s No Way You’d Survive a Terrifying Plane Crash Like This

Yesterday we heard that Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel deliberately crashed a 727-jet plane into the desert. Now there’s a terrifying eyewitness video to show you just how horrific that really was. There’s no way you’d come out of that alive, surely? Read More >>

The Future of Renewable Energy is a Miniature Sun, and It’s Hidden in Southern England

Oil and gas might be running out, but renewable power sucks so much it counts for less than 10 per cent of all the energy we use. The answer? Recreate the sun using nuclear fusion, in a sleepy corner of the UK. Read More >>