French Inventor Brings Jaws Meme to Life by Making a Second Channel Crossing Attempt With a Bigger Boat

Franky Zapata is making the channel crossing attempt using his jetpack, but botched the landing on his refuelling boat halfway across. This time, he's going to get a bigger boat. Read More >>

Daredevil Becomes Umpteenth Man to Crash in the Sea

That man who tried to cross the Channel on his jetpack didn't die, but he did suffer a fate perhaps worse: massive public failure. Failure as #1 Google result for his name for all eternity. Failure on the local news. Read More >>

French Inventor Touts Rifle While Flying Turbine-Powered Flyboard at Bastille Day Celebrations

European leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron were treated to a demonstration of the Flyboard Air, a sort of gas turbine-powered jetpack/hoverboard/flying platform originally invented by jetski champ Franky Zapata, during Bastille Day festivities in Paris on Sunday. Read More >>

Watch Daredevils With Jetpacks Fly Next to People Standing on Top of Airplanes

If you’re going to be flying in the air with a jetpack attached to your back, you might as well do it with folks who have strapped themselves standing to the wings of an airplane. Why not, right? Read More >>

Jet Pack International Executive Crashes Mid-Flight

The vice president of Jet Pack International, Nick Macomber, was hospitalised following a crash according to SFGate. Read More >>

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The Jetpack Makes its Debut in China

Professional daredevil Nick Macomber made history last weekend, conducting the first successful jetpack flight ever in China. But don’t get your hopes up about taking one of these things to work anytime soon. Read More >>

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Valve Engineer Shows You How to Make Your Own Jetpack-Worthy Hybrid Rocket Engine

Ever fancied making yourself a pocket rocket engine for your homemade jetpack? Yeah, me neither, but it's totally possible, apparently. Ben Krasnow, one of Valve's awesome hacking engineers, shows you how. Read More >>

Stick a Jetpack On Your Christmas List

There are your average gadget-toy Christmas presents like an iPhone controlled helicopter or a rolling robot camera, and then there's a jetpack. Firebox has put the JetLev Flyer up for pre-order, which propels you 10m high at up to 22mph just using water. Read More >>

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There Is Such a Thing as Jet Pack School Where People Learn to Fly

Eric Scott aka Rocketman is probably the best Jet Pack pilot the world has. He's flown over canyons, performed in airshows and holds the record for fastest speed on a Jet Pack. So with that gift, he's now teaching people how to fly in his Jet Pack school. Read More >>