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The Creators of That Flying Iron Man Suit Are Subtly Hinting It’s Great For War

To date, Gravity Industries’ flying jetpack has been demonstrated as a tantalising glimpse of the future where daily commuters take to the air instead of sitting in traffic. But the company recently called on James Bruton, a talented engineer and hacker, to upgrade the suit with a helmet-controlled shoulder-mounted toy rifle, making the future suddenly feel more concerning than exciting. Read More >>

How a US Military Contractor Wanted to Use Jetpacks in the Vietnam War

When you think of jetpacks, your first thought is probably an image of some fun, carefree piece of pop culture like The Jetsons or James Bond. But jetpacks were serious business for the US military in the 1960s. And, believe it or not, there were plenty of futuristic ideas that involved deploying jetpacks on the battlefield in Vietnam. Read More >>

An Aspiring Rocketeer Built This 3D-Printed, Underwater Jetpack

Taking to the skies with a rocket strapped to your back is still a dangerous idea, despite how Hollywood typically portrays the stunt. So a product design student at Loughborough University created a safer way to fly—under water—with a jetpack that can propel a swimmer at speeds of up to eight miles per hour. Read More >>

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Gorgeous Aerial Footage Makes Me Want to Spend All My Money on a Jetpack

Like flying cars, jetpacks are the kind of technology that seems perpetually on the cusp of going mainstream. Though they’re both still incredibly expensive and incredibly dangerous, it’s easy to ignore those glaring issues when footage like this makes jetpacks look like the best toy one could ever own. Read More >>

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Jetpack Daredevils Join a Fighter Jet Formation for the First Time Ever

One of the coolest things about Iron Man is his ability to fly, but since we don’t have access to Tony Stark’s technologies just yet, these jetpack-wearing daredevils, flying alongside an Air Force aerobatics display for the first time, are the next best thing. Read More >>

Forget Alton Towers – A Jetpack Theme Park Could Open in the UK in 2017

A UK business hopes to be the first to launch the jetpack in the UK, with a plan to open a sort of adventure park ride for jetpacks open to anyone with lots of money and a thirst for potential spinal injuries. Read More >>

Dubai Is Giving Its Firefighters Jetpacks To Use During Skyscraper Fires

Fighting a fire in a towering skyscraper poses unique challenges for both the equipment and the firefighters. That’s why the fire departments of large cities have dedicated high-rise units–but Dubai wants to do one better by equipping its firefighters with jetpacks. Read More >>

Yves “Jetman” Rossi Flies Over Dubai On a Jetpack Like a Real Rocketeer

We may not have our flying cars yet, but jetpacks could be well on the way. While soaring above a metropolis using a jetpack may sound like something out of science fiction - or a James Bond movie - recently two blokes did just that over Dubai. Read More >>

Man Who Claimed to Be The Inventor of the Jetpack Dies

Justin Capra, a Romanian inventor who claimed to have invented the first functional jetpack, died on Monday at the age of 81. Capra used to say that he built his jetpack in 1956, well before Bell Aerosystems' 1961 untethered flights with their rocket belt. Read More >>

Wearable Jetpack Turns Every Soldier into Master Chief

The 4MM part of the 4MM Project refers to the legendary four-minute mile, the benchmark of athletic performance. It wants to create a low-force booster jetpack that can push any reasonably fit person to run a mile in less than four minutes. Read More >>

The First Jetpack You’ll Be Able to Buy Just Got a Slick New Design

Number two on the list of promised future technologies that have yet to be delivered, right behind the flying car, is the personal jetpack. Hollywood's delivered them in spades thanks to special effects, but in real-life New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft is as close as we're going to get. And now it's even closer with the company's latest re-design of its Jetpack—the P12. Read More >>

Flying High: Jetman Talks Flight, Fear, and What’s Next

Yves "Jetman" Rossy's exploits have been well-documented over the years. He's crossed the English Channel, the Grand Canyon, and flown alongside a B-17 bomber with a jet-powered wing strapped to his back and nothing else. He's crazy in the best way possible. We caught up with Yves to chat about what's coming next for Jetman, his thoughts on Felix Baumgartner and what it's like to fly with a wing strapped to your back. Read More >>

Every Secret Agent Wannabe Needs a Quadcopter Belt of Death

You could probably argue there are worse offenders, but there's no denying that James Bond's Thunderball jetpack is definitely up there in the pantheon of ridiculous(ly awesome) 00-gadgets. Tinkerer Rodger Cleye recently tried to put a more modern spin on the concept, and the result is this still-ridiculous-but-fully-functioning quadcopter "belt." Read More >>

The Science of Jetpacks

If there's one universal truth, it's that everybody wants to fly around using a jetpack. But how the hell do they work? This video should help explain. Bear with the physics, because the video as a whole makes for some really interesting watching. [YouTube] Read More >>

Skyflash, the Personal Jetpack That Needs a Runway and a Death Wish

Skyflash is a German DIY invention that involves strapping a wing and a pair of rockets to man and seeing if it all flies. And, as today's latest test video shows, it does. Only at an altitude of a few inches, but it's a good start. Read More >>