The Private Jet Set is Ignoring Lockdown

A staggering 545 private jets have been logged entering the UK since lockdown, and unless they're all BUPA surgeons heading in to lend a hand to the poor people, the passengers within those leather executive seats have a bit of explaining to do. Read More >>

NASA Captures First-Ever Images of Intersecting Shockwaves From Two Supersonic Jets

An air-to-air imaging technology developed by NASA has resulted in the first images ever taken of interacting shockwaves produced by in-flight supersonic jets. The new images, in addition to being beautiful, will help NASA design jets capable of producing gentle rumbles instead of loud sonic booms when breaking the sound barrier. Read More >>

Dambusters Reform to Pilot US Stealth Fighters

617 Squadron, known and immortalised as the Dambusters way back in the black and white days, is back. And it has some pretty impressive toys in the form of a batch of F-35B Lightning stealth jets. Those EU dams are going to bloody get it. Read More >>

US Air Force Wants to Put Lasers on Fighter Jets By 2021

The US Air Force’s scientific research wing is giving Lockheed Martin $26.3 million “for the design, development, and production of a high power fibre laser,” which it expects to start testing on a tactical fighter jet in four years. Sounds cool and certainly futuristic, but the jury’s still out on whether these weapons have any real tactical value. Read More >>

NASA Will Chase the Upcoming Solar Eclipse Using Telescopes Mounted on Jets

Observed from the ground, the total solar eclipse happening on August 21, when the Moon completely blocks your view of the Sun, will be visible for up to 160 seconds. It will be a fleeting glimpse of a rare phenomenon, which is why NASA plans to chase the Moon’s shadow using a pair of jets. Read More >>

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Watch the F-16’s Autopilot Mode Save an Unconscious Pilot’s Life

The US Air Force has declassified a harrowing video showing the heads-up display of student pilot who passed out during a tight manoeuvre. Mercifully, his F-16 was equipped with a ground collision avoidance system, saving him from certain death. Read More >>

Amazon Launches its Own Jets to Haul Our Stuff

Amazon's sort of launched its own airline, rebranding an existing Boeing 767 jet operated by US flier Atlas Air as the Amazon One Prime Air special delivery plane. It's mission: to fly Terry's Chocolate Oranges, discount SSDs and PlayStation 4 shooting games to where they're needed most -- everywhere. Read More >>

Sonic Booms Shake Yorkshire Homes as Jets Intercept Unresponsive Passenger Plane

Two RAF Typhoons and their crews had an exciting flight out last night, after an unresponsive passenger plane needed to be intercepted and shown the way down after losing radio contact with air traffic control. Read More >>

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Here Are All the Awesome Vertical Landing Jets in History

We all know how badass the Harriers and F-35s of the world are, but some of these other vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft from history are totally wild. Read More >>

Heathrow Flight Abandoned After Virgin Atlantic Pilot Got Laser Zapped

A Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow to New York was abandoned shortly after passing over Ireland and out into the Atlantic, after one of the pilots reported a "medical issue" believed to have been triggered by someone shining a laser into the cockpit shortly after take off. Read More >>

This Concept Jet Has Hit Mach 24 (on Paper and in a Man’s Head)

Designs for the latest concept jet by the thrillingly named inventor Charles Bombardier have been published, in which the imaginer of fast things has beaten his own previously imagined best -- this time imagining a private plane that could do mach 24. Read More >>

What Should We Call David Cameron’s Copy of Air Force One?

The UK PM is set to get a private jet to ferry him about the place, with a clone of the US's Air Force One set to be added to the payroll to fly our top civil servants between appointments. Read More >>

US Air Force Fighters to Have Lasers by 2020

The pen-pushers paying for the US military's many and varied weapon systems expect to be outfitting some fighter planes with lasers before the end of the decade, with a form of "directed energy pod" coming to make the skies safer. Or more dangerous. Whatever the aim of it all is. Read More >>

EasyJet Tests Plane Safety Inspections by Autonomous Drone

The budget flier has a new tech-related thing in the pipeline that could shave minutes off the time it spends inspecting its fleet -- drones. Drones programmed to automatically inspect planes for damage, coming for real across its network in 2016. Read More >>