Reminder: Amazon Treats Its Employees Like Shit

Amazon is getting a lot of good press lately for a smart marketing move it pulled: offering a “thank you” discount code to its customers based on some stupid corporate reputation poll. But, here’s something to consider: Amazon treats its massive army of labourers like crap. Read More >>

virtual reality
The Time Has Come: You Can Now Get A Job Entirely In VR

If you've dreamed of going to work from the sofa and never having to deal with the outdoors or real humans ever again, your day has arrived. 'Social VR platform' Geekzonia is advertising for a VR Events Host - a full time job entirely in virtual reality. Read More >>

Have a Celebrity Clean Your Sink for £100 an Hour

The answer to the clickbait posed by the headline on the main page is this: Pete Bennett. The bonkers one off Big Brother, back when it was an important national cultural event. The sweary one who seemed nice and won it all in 2006. Read More >>

Uber Rivals Keep Jobs But Earn Less

Researchers looking at Uber's disruption of the taxi industry have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that it's created more driving jobs and hasn't led to mass redundancies among its existing rivals, but the bad news is that drivers from competing firms are now earning less than they used to. Read More >>

Your Accent Might be Costing You £7k a Year

Research into the UK's workplaces and payment structures suggests people from poorer regions end up earning less than their posh counterparts, with payment for doing the same job differing by as much as £6,800 -- with employees from poorer backgrounds the ones earning less. Read More >>

Ban Unpaid Internships to Help the Non-Posh Get Jobs, Say MPs

Getting a teenager in to do loads of rubbish jobs for free under the pretence of "gaining experience" should be banned to aid social mobility, says a group of MPs having a big old think about ways the UK's workplace might be made a little fairer. Read More >>

Trident Managers Set for Two 48-Hour Strikes

Workers at the UK's Atomic Weapons Establishment have voted to take two 48-hour strikes, as disagreements about the usual stuff like boring old pension provisions rumble on. It's only mildly worrying that these are the people who polish and check the fuses on the UK's Trident nuclear defence system. Read More >>

Google Sued for Banning Employees From Writing About Their Work

Google has been accused of actions tantamount to spying on its staff by... its staff, with some workers coming together to launch a legal complaint about the way the tech giant exerts control over what they can and can't say about working for it. Read More >>

New Policemen Will Soon Need a Degree to Join up

People looking for a career in the police force will soon have to try a bit harder in school, with the College of Policing announcing a plan that'll require all new entrants to the police forces of England and Wales to hold a degree in further education of sorts before being allowed to join. Read More >>

Translation Company Wants/Needs to Hire an Emoji Interpreter

Machines aren't good enough yet for London-based translation company Today Translations, which would like to hire an emoji specialist to ensure that its digital communications don't accidentally offend anyone by, say, having the wrong-coloured face turn up in an incorrect social context and triggering World War III. Read More >>

GALAXY S4 Active
31 is the Age by Which You Should Have Achieved Something

A survey that asked people compiling their CVs at what point they really ought to have done something with their lives has pinpointed the age of 31 as being critical for our expectations of ourselves, as that's when people, the poor, unrealistic, dreaming people, think they should be married and owning a house. Read More >>

Facebook Workplace Now Exists if You Have Even More Time for Facebook

Facebook's just made its Facebook Workplace thing live for every business or self-employed blogger around the world to use, as the rebranded Facebook for Work aims to replace the telephone and email as the place where tedious inter-office chit-chat and banter happens. Read More >>

Lincolnshire Police Wants a Badass American or Canadian New Boss

Lincolnshire Police has set a new world record in the extremely niche event of boss recruitment, becoming the first UK police force to advertise a top-level job spot internationally. Read More >>

Alton Towers Needs Roller Coaster Designers!

Merlin Entertainments, the owner of Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and numerous other fun palaces around the world, has a job going. It's after design-minded individuals capable of dreaming up the next generation of things people sit on to get excited. Read More >>

New Environmental Science A-Level Covers Drones, DNA Testing and Global Warming

A new Environmental Science course about to be offered to anyone not eyeing up the easy life of the scrapheap at 16 wants to teach kids about the basics of the modern world, including all the exciting things people talk about all the time now, like drones, why it's always hot and either rainy or a drought, the basics of DNA testing and more. Read More >>