Bank of England Close to Endorsing the Four-Day Week

It's a fairly massive open secret that most office workers could perform their allocated weekly work tasks in just four days, often three, sometimes two and in extreme cases may power through an entire week of work on the one Friday afternoon, so let's at least think about when to switch the nation to a four-day week, says a Bank of England economist. Read More >>

Channel 4 Staff Would Rather Quit Than Move to Leeds

Channel 4's long-planned move out of London could leave the broadcaster struggling to find anyone to answer the telephones or do the social media scheduling up there in its new Leeds office, as as many as 90 per cent of its current staff are planning to take redundancy rather than face a new life in the new offices away from the capital. Read More >>

NHS Wants Mumsnet to Help Fill Jobs Black Hole

Mumsnet, which is like 4chan but for asking if it's still OK to hit kids if they're your own and you do it gently and not in the face, is about to be phished for staff by the NHS, as health service bosses think it's heaving with the sort of people you'd want stitching you back together in the nation's hospital wards. Read More >>

New Personality-Based Jobseeker Platform Fails to Tell You if You’re the Arsehole

If you don't feel motivated during the daily drudgery of earning a living, the people at Talentful have swooped in to help pigeonhole you correctly with their personality-based jobseeker platform. Read More >>

Amazon Goes Full Black Mirror by Turning Gruelling Warehouse Work Into a Video Game

Amazon is currently experimenting with a pilot programme that turns warehouse jobs into a sort of video game, a system the company claims is meant to break up the monotony of the day-to-day tasks required of its workers but has, conveniently, led to competition among employees to outperform their colleagues, according to reports. Read More >>

Applying for Your Next Job May Be an Automated Nightmare

If you think looking for a job is already daunting, anxiety-riddled, and unpleasant, just wait until the algorithms take over the hiring process. When they do, a newfangled “digital recruiter” like VCV, which just received $1.7 million in early investment, hopes it will look something like this: Read More >>

Spotify Opens London R&D Site and Needs 300 New Staff

All those £9.99s a month we pay to stream the same seven songs we used to like in the 1990s are being reinvested in the London job scene, with streaming kingpin Spotify opening its expanded London R&D site this week -- and it needs masses of fresh, intelligent, management-grade meat to sit at all the lovely new desks. Read More >>

Kids From 2009 Predict Jobs of the Future

Want to feel old? The year 2009 was 10 years ago. No, really. And if you want to feel really old, here’s a video where fourth-grade kids explain what jobs they think will exist in the future. Read More >>

This Automation Platform Helped Eliminate 40,000 Jobs, and Now It’s Available to Companies Everywhere

Over the last five years, the global management consulting company Accenture has developed proprietary automation software called the SynOps platform that it says has helped it cut 40,000 jobs within the company. Read More >>

The World Bank Says Robots Aren’t Killing Jobs Yet. Don’t Listen To It.

Last week, the World Bank released its annual World Development Report, and the headline news this go round, as relayed by Bloomberg and others, is basically that “Robots Aren’t Killing Jobs.” Which, good news, if true. Read More >>

Kids of the 1980s Imagined the Year 2020 With Robot Butlers, Bubble-top Cities, and Nuclear War

Earlier this month we looked at predictions from kids at the turn of the 20th century. But what about more recently? Say, from the 1980s? Well, you’re in luck, because today we have predictions about the future from kids in 1984. And some of them are as dark and terrifying as you might guess for kids who were experiencing ever-present anxiety about the Cold War. Read More >>

Courts Rule Entirely Against Uber’s Casual Worker Employment Model

The UK courts seem to have ruled against the very existence of and core concept behind Uber, with the latest decision in the long-running set of legal cases over driver rights landing very firmly in favour of the workers. Read More >>

We Don’t Really Believe AIs are Likely to do Our Important Jobs

A survey of 2,000 workers has found that most don't rate the chances of an AI being able to take their jobs away from them in the next 15 years, as it's fairly hard to imagine exactly how these magical future computer brains are going to be able to do the majority of human tasks that involve fingers, procrastination, meetings, crying in a toilet cubicle and putting kettles on. Read More >>

Apple is Indeed the Best Private Employer in the UK

A new survey from recruitment website Indeed has revealed that the best private sector company to work for in the UK in terms of work-life balance, benefits and general happiness is none other than Apple. Read More >>

Unions Say We Could Manage on a Four-Day Week

It's a fairly well established fact of working life that a job expands to fit the time you have to do it in, so perhaps we, as a nation, ought to admit this and switch to a four-day working week, thanks to all the incoming help from robots and AIs. Imagine the UK appearing all forward-thinking for once and getting everything done by Thursday. Read More >>