The World Bank Says Robots Aren’t Killing Jobs Yet. Don’t Listen To It.

Last week, the World Bank released its annual World Development Report, and the headline news this go round, as relayed by Bloomberg and others, is basically that “Robots Aren’t Killing Jobs.” Which, good news, if true. Read More >>

Kids of the 1980s Imagined the Year 2020 With Robot Butlers, Bubble-top Cities, and Nuclear War

Earlier this month we looked at predictions from kids at the turn of the 20th century. But what about more recently? Say, from the 1980s? Well, you’re in luck, because today we have predictions about the future from kids in 1984. And some of them are as dark and terrifying as you might guess for kids who were experiencing ever-present anxiety about the Cold War. Read More >>

Courts Rule Entirely Against Uber’s Casual Worker Employment Model

The UK courts seem to have ruled against the very existence of and core concept behind Uber, with the latest decision in the long-running set of legal cases over driver rights landing very firmly in favour of the workers. Read More >>

We Don’t Really Believe AIs are Likely to do Our Important Jobs

A survey of 2,000 workers has found that most don't rate the chances of an AI being able to take their jobs away from them in the next 15 years, as it's fairly hard to imagine exactly how these magical future computer brains are going to be able to do the majority of human tasks that involve fingers, procrastination, meetings, crying in a toilet cubicle and putting kettles on. Read More >>

Apple is Indeed the Best Private Employer in the UK

A new survey from recruitment website Indeed has revealed that the best private sector company to work for in the UK in terms of work-life balance, benefits and general happiness is none other than Apple. Read More >>

Unions Say We Could Manage on a Four-Day Week

It's a fairly well established fact of working life that a job expands to fit the time you have to do it in, so perhaps we, as a nation, ought to admit this and switch to a four-day working week, thanks to all the incoming help from robots and AIs. Imagine the UK appearing all forward-thinking for once and getting everything done by Thursday. Read More >>

Airline in Trouble for Filtering Out Boys as Pilots and Giving Girls the Drinks Trolley

There's a minor sexism furore kicking up around small UK flier TUI, which thought it was doing a great job of engaging with child travellers by giving them stickers. Two gender neutral stickers — as in, neither of them are pink — have been created to be handed out to kids, celebrating careers in the sky. Which is lovely, except whoever's doing the handing out has been guilty of a bit of entrenched sexism, as the girls have all been given "Future Cabin Crew" ones while the "Future Captain" stickers all found their ways onto the yoghurt-covered lapels of boys. Read More >>

Tired of Your Day Job? You Could Earn £££ Working from Home With Cards Against Humanity

As someone who is able to work from home, it is a pretty sweet deal. I can roll out of bed five minutes before I'm supposed to start work, pop to the shops whenever I need to, and not physically interact with another human being for days at a time. Not everyone has that luxury, but the lovably offensive makers of Cards Against Humanity could make it a reality for you. As long as you're good at writing CAH cards. Read More >>

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Bank Boss Believes Hype About AI Workers Decimating the Workforce

The head economist at the Bank of England thinks that the robotic and artificially intelligent workforces of the future could indeed obliterate our puny human jobs en masse, although how a robot is ever going to change an alternator on a 2006 Peugeot we don't yet know. Read More >>

Crappy Buses Stop People Holding Down Jobs

Researchers tasked with doing a bit of Orwellian investigation into the lives of your everyday folk in the north of England have come to the conclusion that the buses need to be better, finding that people are missing job interviews and losing work opportunities simply because the public transport system is so unreliable. Read More >>

Facebook Moves in Next to Google With Massive New Offices in King’s Cross

Facebook's about to upend some of its UK staff and create a cosy new build for them to scooter around from informal meeting to informal meeting, with the social network agreeing to take on three as yet unbuilt office buildings in King's Cross – just around the corner from Google's forthcoming tech battlestation. Read More >>

Google’s Launched its Job Hunting Aggregation Tool in the UK

If you're in the market for a new job, or just a change of pace, there are plenty of job sites out there for you to check out. There are even plenty of aggregation sites that pull in vacancies from multiple sources and make the hunting process that bit easier. Now Google has announced its brought one of its own to the UK. Read More >>

Lego Puts Money into Pretending Lego is Proper Engineering

Lego has joined in with government initiative the Year of Engineering to promote Lego to kids -- like they need any more encouragement -- with the dangled carrot of a glamorous future career in engineering if your child actually understands how the electronics behind the educational sets work. Read More >>

Salaried Author Positions Might Get Your Book off the Ground

A new publishing company thinks it might have found a way to encourage the next generation of novel writers to ditch the day jobs and start generating book-based content. It's offering paid author jobs that put writers on a salary of around £2,000 a month, then sees what happens. Come on then, 100,000 words that make sense. By December. Read More >>

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How to Find a Job Using Social Media

Your social networks aren’t just there for arguing politics with your uncle or looking at your neighbour's lunch—they’re also good for the serious business of finding your next place of employment. Here’s how to perfect your searching on each of the major networks to maximise your chances of landing your dream job, or something close to it. Read More >>