Crappy Buses Stop People Holding Down Jobs

Researchers tasked with doing a bit of Orwellian investigation into the lives of your everyday folk in the north of England have come to the conclusion that the buses need to be better, finding that people are missing job interviews and losing work opportunities simply because the public transport system is so unreliable. Read More >>

Facebook Moves in Next to Google With Massive New Offices in King’s Cross

Facebook's about to upend some of its UK staff and create a cosy new build for them to scooter around from informal meeting to informal meeting, with the social network agreeing to take on three as yet unbuilt office buildings in King's Cross – just around the corner from Google's forthcoming tech battlestation. Read More >>

Google’s Launched its Job Hunting Aggregation Tool in the UK

If you're in the market for a new job, or just a change of pace, there are plenty of job sites out there for you to check out. There are even plenty of aggregation sites that pull in vacancies from multiple sources and make the hunting process that bit easier. Now Google has announced its brought one of its own to the UK. Read More >>

Lego Puts Money into Pretending Lego is Proper Engineering

Lego has joined in with government initiative the Year of Engineering to promote Lego to kids -- like they need any more encouragement -- with the dangled carrot of a glamorous future career in engineering if your child actually understands how the electronics behind the educational sets work. Read More >>

Salaried Author Positions Might Get Your Book off the Ground

A new publishing company thinks it might have found a way to encourage the next generation of novel writers to ditch the day jobs and start generating book-based content. It's offering paid author jobs that put writers on a salary of around £2,000 a month, then sees what happens. Come on then, 100,000 words that make sense. By December. Read More >>

social media
How to Find a Job Using Social Media

Your social networks aren’t just there for arguing politics with your uncle or looking at your neighbour's lunch—they’re also good for the serious business of finding your next place of employment. Here’s how to perfect your searching on each of the major networks to maximise your chances of landing your dream job, or something close to it. Read More >>

Thorpe Park’s Walking Dead-Themed Year Needs Zombies, Auditions to be Held on Top of a Rollercoaster

Despite the fact I stopped watching The Walking Dead  four years ago, the series trundles on. Proving that nobody actually cares about my opinion when it comes to American TV. It's such a big deal that even Thorpe Park is tying in with the show, with a series of zombie-themed events throughout 2018. Read More >>

Aldi Experiments With Interviewing People in the Dark

German supermarket incomer Aldi has had an idea on how to put aside potential age and appearance prejudices that may influence job interviews -- chat to candidates in the dark. Read More >>

John Lewis Has an App for Talking to Tradesmen

John Lewis, the shop, is moving into home maintenance. This is great news for the likes of us, as it means we might finally be able to book a tradesman to fix something minor without having to use the phone and admit, verbally, to not being very handy with such things. Read More >>

Amazon is Building a Colossal Warehouse Where America’s Biggest Mall Once Stood

The Seattle-based internet book seller Amazon just announced plans to open an enormous fulfilment centre in North Randall, Ohio. This is a big deal for the small community which has suffered greatly since the Randall Park Mall, once the largest in America, shut down due to retail sales moving online. Amazon is actually building its new warehouse on the same land where the mall once stood. Read More >>

Apple Hid a Job Advert in its Own Website

It doesn't matter what a job is, it will inevitably get multiple applications from people who aren't remotely qualified but still feel they're in with a chance. So companies have come up with clever ways to hide or tailor their adverts, ensuring that people with a specific skill set can actually apply. One such company is Apple, which hid an advert on its website. Read More >>

Under Cover Of BBC Pay, the Government Sneaks Out Pension Age Increase

The government used BBC salary day as a way to sneak out news that it's moving the pension age to 68. While this was always going to happen, it was originally scheduled to be changed in 2044. It will now take place between 2037 and 2039. People aged between 39 and 47 will be affected with younger workers kept waiting to find out when they might eventually get a pension. Read More >>

London Theatre Job Ad Offers To Pay Peanuts With Insulting Recruitment Post

A London theatre has attempted to recruit a new, underpaid staff member by insulting an entire generation of people.The Tea House Theater offered between £15,000 and £20,000 per year for an office administrator. The full-time position was posted with the most remarkable job advert of all time. Read More >>

Yorkshire City Needs Part Time Evening Hornblower

The city of Ripon needs an official hornblower. The job pays £8.72 per hour and involves tooting a horn in the town centre a few days a week at 9:00pm. Easy money. Read More >>

Trainee Detectives Only Need to Have Watched Sherlock Now

Scotland Yard is about to rip up the rule book of high level policing, with the need to have served a police career before switching into the exciting TV world of the detective about to be dropped. Read More >>