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Reduce a Steel Box to a Pathetic Lump With Slingshot Bullets

Joerg puts his equipment through a lot of abuse to film videos for the slingshot channel. And the catchbox he shoots into has borne the brunt of all that mayhem for three years. But it's probably been so gradual that no one really noticed. And then in a moment of clarity Joerg clearly realized that his catch box had evolved into a piece of useless nothing. Time for the junkyard. Read More >>

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“Teach The Witches A Lesson” With A Slingshot That Shoots Brooms

Joerg begins today's video by saying, "As you know, I don't like witches." In fact, I did not specifically remember this preference of his. But I can believe it. After watching a Harry Potter rerun this week, Joerg finally realised the hazard that quidditch and other flying broom sports pose to our safety. And he decided to make a 6.5 foot slingshot to better defend himself and his family from this imminent threat. Read More >>

A Weaponised Toilet Brush Crossbow Can Really Clean Up

When Joerg made metal-tipped toilet brushes a couple of months ago I'm pretty sure we were all thinking that they looked pretty tame. Okay, true, they violently annihilated a coconut suspended in ballistic gelatin, but they weren't horrifying, just chillingly effective. But a four shot repeating "monster" crossbow. That would be scary. And that's what we have here. Read More >>

Zombie Kit
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The Slingshot Madman Has Perfected the Zombie Capture Kit

Some people devote their lives to science, some to religion, some to high finance. And then there's Joerg Sprave, who spends his day-to-day creating zombie-killing slingshot insanity. Or in this case, zombie-capturing slingshot insanity, for when you need to to take them in alive undead. Read More >>