Apple and John Lewis Have Opened up a HomeKit Testing Ground in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre

Apple has invested a lot into HomeKit and the whole 'smart home integration' thing, but it's not really had a proper place to show it off properly. You can't put this sort of thing in an Apple Store, and standalone pop-ups sound complicated and expensive. This hasn't stopped Apple from trying in the past, but now it's figured out something more appropriate with the help of John Lewis. Read More >>

Fake John Lewis Ad Has the Depressing Ending Christmas Deserves

A few thousand people are crying a bit more than usual over some schmaltzy rubbish today, as a fake John Lewis Christmas advert tricked the sort of sick losers who watch adverts on purpose into thinking it was the real deal. Read More >>

Grab Your Tissues, John Lewis Just Released its Christmas Advert

Despite accidentally spoiling it for everyone and ruining Christmas, John Lewis has just gone and released its Christmas advert. Cue people going online to gush about how lovely it is, and how this monster under the bed made then cry so much harder than Mrs Jones next door that they got severe dehydration. Read More >>

John Lewis is Ditching Sat Navs, Because Everyone Just Uses Their Phones Now

There are lots of gadgets the smartphone has usurped over the past decade, including the video camera, the watch, the torch, and so on. You can add another gizmo to that list, though, because John Lewis has announced its going to stop selling dedicated sat nav systems. You know, because everyone uses apps for that now. Read More >>

Thanks to Brexit, John Lewis’ Profits Are Down By Half

Oh dear; things aren't looking too good for the high street department store. John Lewis has revealed that its profits for the first half of the year have fell by 53.3 per cent. Read More >>

John Lewis Christmas Ads Recreated Out of Lego Are Better Than the Real Thing

For years, the only Christmas advert that mattered was the Coca Cola one. When you saw those big red lorries and heard the holidays-are-comin' jingle kick in, that was it; Christmas had officially started. Now though, Coca Cola has been demoted. It's the John Lewis Christmas adverts that everybody talks about at this time of the year. Read More >>

It’s the Annual John Lewis Christmas Advert Cryalong

The man who thinks he's my boss says I should watch the John Lewis advert and say what it's like and about, as if we don't already know it's some twee rubbish designed to make weak people start eating six packs of mince pies a full seven weeks out from the big day. Read More >>

Student Fools World With John Lewis-Inspired Sentimental Christmas Claptrap

A student who's really quite clever with the computers scored a sensational social media hit over the weekend, after his fake "John Lewis Christmas advert" was taken to be the real deal by hundreds of thousands of people eagerly waiting for the department store to officially launch Christmas 2016. Read More >>

John Lewis is Your New Middle Class Phone Shop

"Never knowingly undersold" is upmarket retailer John Lewis's motto, which should make its latest venture of interest to you lot. It's adding mobile phones to the portfolio of gadgets on sale on its shelves. Read More >>

John Lewis JL9000 webOS TVs are Now on Sale

John Lewis has officially spilled the beans on its webOS-powered, LG-built, own-branded smart TV line, following its first appearance last week. Read More >>

Own-Brand John Lewis Smart TVs With LG’s webOS on the Way

It couldn't cut it in the mobile world, but John Lewis is hoping that webOS will give its own-branded HD TVs the edge, as it turns to LG and it's newly-acquired smart TV platform for a range of television sets carrying the high-street stalwart's name. Read More >>

John Lewis Celebrates its 150 Year Anniversary With Technology Icons Anniversary Range

John Lewis, that slightly-posh staple of the British high street, celebrates 150 years in business this year. To mark the occasion, it's readying the release of an exclusive "Technology Icons" range, pulling together both cutting-edge tech from the likes of Dyson with home appliance staples like the Henry vacuum cleaner. Read More >>

John Lewis Says “Oh God, It’s Christmas” With 2013’s Twee TV Advert

It is time. Time to start dreading people demanding things of you. Time to start losing weight so you can get fatter. Time to start wondering who's going to get divorced or killed or dissolved in a vat of acid on EastEnders. It's nearly bloody Christmas again and John Lewis has made an advert alerting the miserable men of the nation to take cover. Read More >>

Buy Anything With an Internet Connection and Get Free Broadband For Six Months

Did you know John Lewis did broadband? No, neither did the rest of the planet. And that's why if you buy anything with an internet connection -- be it a printer, tablet or laptop -- the department store will gift you six-whole-months of free broadband. Read More >>

Want a Microsoft Surface? You Can Now Buy Them From John Lewis

Despite it being the Surface packing the worst of Windows 8's mixed-up UI (desktop Office, really?), without the benefits of being able to, you know, actually run Windows applications, the Windows RT-packing Surface could be your perfect tablet. Maybe. Now you can actually buy one in the UK, on the High Street too. Read More >>