Black Friday
John Lewis’ Price Promise Makes it the Best Place to Go for Your Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is next month, and John Lewis is securing its customer base by getting word out that its price promise still applies during the sales. Read More >>

John Lewis Suspects the Drone Craze Might be Over

Department store chain John Lewis is not the place to buy your consumer-level drone this year, for one rather large reason; it's stopped selling them altogether. Read More >>

John Lewis Oxford Street Is Hosting a Rooftop Winter Carnival Starting This Friday

The John Lewis on Oxford Street is getting a fun, festive makeover this Friday that runs all the way through to January. Read More >>

John Lewis Shopper Blasts Staff in a Google Review and Looks Like a Bloody Idiot

The town of Cheltenham - famous for the Gold Cup that sees the wealthy and the rat-arsed descend upon it every year - recently welcomed a sizeable new John Lewis store, where the most heinous of crimes has just taken place. Read More >>

Forget Waiting for Prime Day, John Lewis Just Kicked off a Big Clearance Sale

Lots of people have been hyping up the fact Amazon's Prime Day is due to start in just under a month, with all the sales that come with that day, but what if I said you could save money right now? Well you can, just not on Amazon. Instead head over to the John Lewis website, where the high street retailer has kicked off its clearance sale. Read More >>

John Lewis Will Build Your Poshbox Kitchen Extension as Well as Sell the Taps

Retailer John Lewis is getting into home refurbs and the loft conversion scene, if there are any unconverted lofts left in the country, and is about to launch a full planning and building service for its enthusiast customers, who will soon be able to have their lofts converted and their kitchens extended and renewed through a one-stop renovation option. Read More >>

Google Home is Currently £69

We're not sure Easter sales are really a thing, but it seems they're happening nonetheless. Read More >>

John Lewis Has Some Great Deals on Bundles of Lego

Yes – more Lego deals! This time from John Lewis, who are doing things a little differently. Their Black Friday offerings include a few Lego sets, but there's nothing particularly mind-blowing – that's still in stock, anyway. But what the store is offering are a number of bundles, where two or more related Lego sets can be purchased together for a reduced price. Read More >>

The Elton John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Here To Make You Cry

In a Christmas tradition that's rapidly grown to rival the appearance of the Coca-Cola truck, the John Lewis Christmas ad for 2018 has now dropped. Tissues at the ready. Read More >>

John Lewis is Now Just ‘John’

Remember when John Lewis was called John Lewis? It recently rebranded to 'John Lewis & Partners,' and it now looks like it's had another name change, as the Oxford Street flagship has been spotted bearing just the word 'John.' Read More >>

Apple and John Lewis Have Opened up a HomeKit Testing Ground in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre

Apple has invested a lot into HomeKit and the whole 'smart home integration' thing, but it's not really had a proper place to show it off properly. You can't put this sort of thing in an Apple Store, and standalone pop-ups sound complicated and expensive. This hasn't stopped Apple from trying in the past, but now it's figured out something more appropriate with the help of John Lewis. Read More >>

Fake John Lewis Ad Has the Depressing Ending Christmas Deserves

A few thousand people are crying a bit more than usual over some schmaltzy rubbish today, as a fake John Lewis Christmas advert tricked the sort of sick losers who watch adverts on purpose into thinking it was the real deal. Read More >>

Grab Your Tissues, John Lewis Just Released its Christmas Advert

Despite accidentally spoiling it for everyone and ruining Christmas, John Lewis has just gone and released its Christmas advert. Cue people going online to gush about how lovely it is, and how this monster under the bed made then cry so much harder than Mrs Jones next door that they got severe dehydration. Read More >>

John Lewis is Ditching Sat Navs, Because Everyone Just Uses Their Phones Now

There are lots of gadgets the smartphone has usurped over the past decade, including the video camera, the watch, the torch, and so on. You can add another gizmo to that list, though, because John Lewis has announced its going to stop selling dedicated sat nav systems. You know, because everyone uses apps for that now. Read More >>

Thanks to Brexit, John Lewis’ Profits Are Down By Half

Oh dear; things aren't looking too good for the high street department store. John Lewis has revealed that its profits for the first half of the year have fell by 53.3 per cent. Read More >>