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John McAfee’s Bitfi Publicly Withdraws Claims its Cryptocurrency Wallet is ‘Unhackable’

Recently there's been a bit of a hubbub after a cryptocurrency wallet released by John McAfee's Bitfi. It was claimed that the wallet was unhackable, with a bounty offering $250,000 to anyone who could break in an successfully steal the coins. Unsurprisingly the device was hacked pretty quickly, with researchers gaining root access, successfully launching a man-in-the-middle attack, and porting Doom onto the device. Read More >>

john mcafee
John McAfee Doubles Down, Mocks Those Who Say They Hacked the Unhackable Crypto Wallet

John McAfee insists that the Bitfi, his secure cryptocurrency wallet, is unhackable. Even though people have rooted it, ported Doom onto it, and broke into intercept communications for a 'man in the middle' attack. But McAfee is unimpressed. The man best known for his work on anti-virus software and various eccentricities has insisted that none of this matter as long as the cryptocoins remain safe. Read More >>

Teenager Hacked John McAfee’s ‘Unhackable’ Crypto-Wallet, Used it to Play Doom

John McAfee hasn't had a good time of it recently. Not only was he hospitalised after allegedly being poisoned, a breach exposed the data of people who bought into his cryptocurrency - despite him labelling it "simple and secure". The McAfee founder also has a crypto-wallet which he had described as "unhackable", offering $250,000 to anyone who could break in and steal the coins. Well someone has broken into it, and now it's running the original Doom. Read More >>

Data Breach Exposes Thousands Who Bought Into a Cryptocurrency Backed by Shady John McAfee

A leaky database recently unearthed online contains a wealth of sensitive data belonging to thousands of investors in the Bezop cryptocurrency, including photocopies of their driver’s licenses and passports, according to a report from Kromtech Security. Read More >>

Johnny Depp Will Play John McAfee in a New Movie, But Will There Be Bath Salts?

Film fans rejoice! The obvious cinematic tale of John McAfee allegedly doing drugs, having sex, and going out of his mind in Belize will become a movie. Johnny Depp will play John McAfee, an obvious choice. But how will the A-lister manage to look as decrepit as the anti-virus software mogul? Bath salts, probably. Read More >>

Porn-Surfing Smart Fridge is an Unsavoury Peek Into of Our Horny Future

While almost nobody needs a panini press that can sign into Twitter, the techy powers that be clearly believe otherwise, as internet connectivity continues to be added to many of the pleasantly dumb devices that used to populate our homes. This raises a number of obvious security concerns and one equally serious but far less discussed issue: porn on everything, always. Read More >>

John McAfee’s Company is Crashing After a SEC Subpoena 

MGT Capital Investment, the penny stock turned “technology company” led by noted tech's bad boy John McAfee is crashing on the New York Stock Exchange following a subpoena from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Read More >>

Intel Lawyers Tell John McAfee He Can’t Call His Company ‘John McAfee’

Sometimes, all a man has in this world is his name, but according to Intel, antivirus pioneer and living cautionary tale John McAfee doesn’t even have that. Read More >>

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What the Fuck is Happening With John McAfee’s New Company?

John McAfee, anti-virus software founder, current US presidential candidate, and one-time murder suspect, recently announced his involvement with a company called MGT Capital Investments. Just before McAfee announced joining the company on May 9th, MGT stock was worth just 36 cents (£0.24). The stock price has since skyrocketed to as high as $5.38 (£3.68). That’s a 1394 per cent increase, boosting the company’s valuation by about $74 million (£50.6 million). Hmmm. Read More >>

John McAfee Apparently Tried to Trick Reporters Into Thinking He Hacked WhatsApp

John McAfee, noted liar and one-time creator of anti-virus software, apparently tried to convince reporters that he hacked the encryption used on WhatsApp. To do this, he attempted to send them phones with preinstalled malware and then convince them he was reading their encrypted conversations. Read More >>

Libertarian Presidential Hopeful John McAfee Calls for Chinese-Style Cybersecurity State

John McAfee wants to run for president on the Libertarian ticket. He may or may not make that happen. But either way, he has some rather non-Libertarian ideas about cybersecurity. Namely, that all terrorist plots can be detected with the right technology. Read More >>

Bad Boy John McAfee Says He’ll Break Into the Pesky FBI iPhone to Protect Encryption

Rather than posting a dull message about having Apple’s back and sitting back smugly as the people love pours in, maverick John McAfee has offered to step forward and break the encryption on the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone for free. He reckons his team could get the job done in around three weeks, and says he hopes the move would ensure that Apple wouldn’t be forced to build a ‘back door’ into its products. The publicity wouldn’t be bad either. Read More >>

Everything We Learned From John McAfee’s Maniacal Campaign Video 

Would you like to see anti-virus tycoon, South America murder-adventure enthusiast and occasional fugitive John McAfee giving you crazed Vigo the Carpathian eyes as he recites excerpts from the Gettysburg Address? Read More >>

John McAfee is Running for US President, Forming His Own Political Party

John McAfee is thinking about running for President. And he's not kidding – he just filed the paperwork to make it official. According to The Hill, McAfee will be “founding a new party yet to be announced.” Read More >>