Jim Parsons to Play BuzzFeed Editor in Movie Nobody Asked For

Sometimes a story is so powerful, it has the ability to cross cultures and even continents. If that story is truly remarkable, however, it can even become a movie starring the guy from The Big Bang Theory that no reasonable person would ever want to see. Read More >>

How Much is Facebook to Blame?

Throughout this year’s presidential campaign, journalists have focused, correctly, on the power of Facebook to shape, distort, and ultimately control the news and information that inform and educate voters. They’ve written dozens of stories about the proliferating number of anonymous, low-rent websites that publish bombastic and clearly inaccurate stories designed to spread throughout Facebook’s platform as quickly as possible. Because so many of those stories were so heavily slanted toward the Republican nominee, some of those very same journalists are now beginning to blame Facebook, rather than actual voters, for yesterday’s earth-shaking election of Donald Trump. Read More >>

Facebook Admits Pulitzer-Winning Photograph Is Not Child Pornography

You probably recognise Nick Ut’s infamous 1972 photograph of charred Vietnamese children running away from the site of a napalm incendiary bomb detonated by the South Vietnamese Air Force in Trang Bang. Earlier this week, however, Facebook effectively banned the Pulitzer-winning photograph from its own site. Now the site is backtracking as quickly as it can. Read More >>