Google Wants to Make Your Images Take Up Less Space

For years, Google has been trying to reduce how space images take up on the web. Most of those efforts have been based around its proprietary (and largely ignored by non-Google entities) WebP format, but a new project out of the company’s research and open source divisions could help make JPEG images—one of the most common image formats on the planet—up to 35 per cent smaller, while retaining their quality. Read More >>

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The Century-Old Machine That Gave Us MP3s and JPEGs

Back in 1894, Olaus Henrici invented a machine called the Harmonic Analyser. Way ahead of its time, it could pick out all the individual frequencies that make up complex sound waves—a technique we now rely on for everything from compressed audio to digital images. Read More >>

Why You Should be Shooting Photos in RAW Format

Any experienced photographer will be able to tell you, the indispensable utility in shooting RAW as opposed to JPG. If you just got a new camera or haven't heard a good explanation for why RAW is so great, just look at this one GIF, made with images by Glyn Davis. Read More >>