Rebellion, Owner of Judge Dredd, is Opening a New TV and Film Studio

Rebellion, the video game studio that owns 2000 AD and related properties like Judge Dredd, has purchased space to set up a £78 million film and TV studio. Read More >>

Karl Urban Has Revealed How Much Judge Dredd We Can Expect to See in the Mega City One TV Series

It's been a while since 2000AD and Rebellion announced that it was working on a Judge Dredd TV series, titled Mega City One, and we haven't heard a huge amount about the series since. The one constant source of information, however, is Karl Urban, who has been talking with producers about the possibility of reprising his role from the 2012 movie. He's still been quite distant about whether he will return, but now he has revealed exactly what role Dredd will play in the series. Read More >>

We Finally Have Some More Details About Judge Dredd TV Series ‘Mega-City One’

Last year 2000 AD parent company Rebellion announced that a Judge Dredd TV series was in the works, but made sure to emphasise that it was still very early days. All we've heard in the time since is that Karl Urban has been talking with producers on the possibility of returning as the great chin of the law. Now, though, Rebellion revealed some details at San Diego Comic Con. Read More >>

Karl Urban Explains What it Would Take to See Him Return as Judge Dredd

Every since Rebellion announced it would be bringing the world of Judge Dredd to TV in the form of Mega City One, there has been speculation as to whether or not Karl Urban would reprise his role as the city's most famous judge. He's been coy about it in previous months, but now he's said exactly what it would take for him to return to the helmet. Read More >>

Karl Urban Is in Talks To Join the Judge Dredd TV Show

It’s unlikely for now that Judge Dredd will return to the big screen, much to the dismay of fans of the 2012 reboot, which has become a modern cult classic. But Dredd star Karl Urban may still don the Judge’s helmet once more: he’s currently engaged in talks to star in the upcoming TV show. Read More >>

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Essential Reading From the World of Judge Dredd

Did you hear? There's a Judge Dredd TV series coming, and even though we don't know when it'll arrive it's cause for excitement. With that in mind, and given Dredd's 40-year long history, we've put together a list of essential reading to help you prepare for the impending TV adaptation - just in case you only saw Dredd and the other film nobody talks about. Read More >>

Holy Drokk, a Judge Dredd TV Series is Actually Happening

Remember how great 2012's Dredd was, and how everyone's been campaigning for more after it made basically no money at the box office? After what seems like an eternity of waiting, 2000AD just announced that Judge Dredd will be getting a TV series. Read More >>

Dredd Was Almost a Judge Death Movie

While fans of Pete Travis and Alex Garland’s 2012 Dredd movie are still wondering whether there’ll ever be a sequel to the instant cult-classic adaptation, it turns turns out the original movie was almost very different—and instead starred one of 2000 A.D.’s stranger Judges. Read More >>

Is Dredd 2 Finally Happening? Karl Urban Visits 2000AD HQ

It's no secret that Karl Urban desperately wants 2012's Dredd to get a sequel. He's been incredibly supportive of fan campaigns to get the film greenlit, and just last week said that he'd want to be in any sort of follow-up, whether that's a film, or show streamed through Amazon or Netflix. Read More >>

Judge Dredd Comic 2000 AD Predicted the Budget Sugar Tax Years Ago

The sugar tax is officially on its way, which basically means that the sickly-sweet drinks we can't live without are going to hurt our wallets just as much as our bodies. However, the move should come as no surprise, and not just because of Jamie Oliver’s 'look-at-me' style of campaigning. Read More >>

All 2000AD Comics Are Now Available DRM Free

If you ever meet someone who claims that they love DRM and that it's absolutely the right thing or digital content, they're either a liar or they're being paid to say it. Nobody likes DRM, and 2000AD, publisher of Judge Dredd, has taken note. Read More >>

Nigel Farage Elected to Power in Fortuitously Fake Judge Dredd Universe

Common pint-holding man of the (small minority of) people Nigel Farage is set to be made a mockery of in comic form, thanks to the makers of the Judge Dredd comic 2000AD creating a character designed to look and sound like the wannabe political powerbroker. Read More >>

Why Dredd’s Financial Failure Proves We Can’t Have Nice, Gory Things

So it doesn't look like we'll be getting another Judge Dredd film, then – at least not following on from the bloody, druggy brilliant 2012 film Dredd, anyway. Financial reality has dawned on that nice dream some 2000AD and Raid fans were having and so cue public outcry and petitions. But seriously, who didn't see this coming? Read More >>

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This Full Length Dredd Trailer Has Serious Gunfire and Grime In Impressive Slow-Mo

The Judge Dredd reboot might be a while out just now, but we've finally be treated to a full length trailer packed with more drugs, grime, crime and gunfire than you can shake a stick at. Read More >>

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These Leaked Clips of Dredd 2012 In Post-Production Show There’s Still a Long Way to Go

Let me preface this with an admission that I’m a big fan of the original, so when I heard they were making a new Dredd film, well, I was both excited and apprehensive. Let’s face it; some of the recent reboots of classic franchises have been a bit crap of late. Unfortunately, these leaked clips don’t fill me with confidence. Read More >>