june oven review
The Stupidly Expensive June Oven Is Actually Stupidly Amazing

The June Oven is a super smart countertop convection oven. There’s a camera built in that watches the food cook and can correctly identify what food you put in, helpfully supplying cooking modes; Wi-Fi so you can connect to the app to watch your food cook, adjust temperature, or even take set a reminder to take food out; and carbon fiber heating elements that intelligent heat depending on the food so food always comes out evenly cooked. It’s all powered with an Nvidia chip making it the smartest oven you’ve ever used. Read More >>

Netatmo June Review: A Sun-Shy Goth’s Best Friend

I once had my legs get so sunburnt that I couldn’t walk for a week. I wasn’t in the Sahara desert or some other exotic locale. I was on a Haven Holidays caravan trip to Winchelsea. The June by Netatmo, designed to measure UV exposure to warn users of the potential to be sunburnt, is made for people just like me. Read More >>

A Bracelet to Keep You Safe From the Sun and Tell You What SPF to Use

Neatmo is slowly creating a reputation for itself of combining smart sensors with neat design, having recently teamed up with Philippe Starck to produce a sleek wireless thermostat. Now, it's joined forces with Louis Vuitton to produce a bracelet that'll keep you safe in the sun. Read More >>