Creme Egg’s Easter Bunny Ads Banned for Targeting Children

A joint promotional push by Cadbury and the Scottish National Trust to encourage children to join in with various local easter egg hunts has been banned – retrospectively and therefore pointlessly – due to new guidelines that want to stop unhealthy food being marketed in the direction of children. Read More >>

Junk Food Ads Could be Banned From London’s Tubes and Buses

London's mayor has decided it's time to get angry about kids eating burgers, and he's so angry he wants to order Transport for London to stop accepting adverts for junk food across the city's rail and bus networks. Read More >>

Junk Food Ads Banned From Sites Aimed at Children

New advertising rules come into place this weekend, designed to stem the flow of aspirational burgers and carbohydrate juices into the mouths of a generation. Read More >>

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What if All the Spam Mail You Received was Actually Hilariously True?

You're an internet veteran, you know what's real and what's not. Anything with Western Union automatically raises your eyebrow. An e-mail promising more length and/or hot girls gets trashed without a thought. You're too seasoned for these tricks. But what if all that email spam was actually true? How different would your life look? Would you become a money making, big twig swinging, Nigerian prince relatin' party animal? Oh yes. Read More >>

Who Do You Actually Email Nowadays?

My email is full of spam and bills and newsletters I mean to read but never do. Rarely do I use my personal account to actually, you know, communicate with my actual friends and family. What about you? Read More >>

Sony and Panasonic Credit Ratings Cut to “Junk” Level

Credit agency Fitch has downgraded its views of both Sony and Panasonic, dropping the two tech giants to "junk" status. Which is business speak for "don't buy shares in these two as they could go broke." Read More >>

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This Cathedral of Junk Is the Most Beautiful Form of Hoarding

Vince Hannemann is the junk king, which means he has a whole lotta junk. Being the junk king is different from hoarding though, because instead of living in a cesspool of outdated crap and worthless technology, Hannemann actually created a cathedral with... outdated crap and worthless technology. It's sort of beautiful. Read More >>

Online Retailers are Cutting Spam, and Here’s Why

For years, we've all been used to inboxes bursting at the seams with promotional email. But increasingly disgruntled recipients are starting to make their voices heard, and as a result online retailers are beginning to cut the amount of junk mail they send. Read More >>

Lockheed’s Space Fence Prototype Starts Tracking Space Junk With Advanced Radar

Orbital debris is a large and growing problem, and no one is quite sure how to deal with it -- polar lasers, nets and other concepts are still merely ideas. But we should at least monitor all that space trash, to be certain where it is and whether it's heading for something we want to protect, like the ISS or a military satellite. The US Air Force's new Space Fence, designed to keep an eye on space trash, is getting closer to reality. Read More >>

What It Feels Like To Get Hit By Falling Space Junk

We know that at least one person has been hit by space junk. Her name is Lottie Williams and she was hit by a piece of a Delta II rocket that fell to earth in 1997. Read More >>