The Best-Selling Christmas Day Takeaway Is… A Kebab

OK firstly, colour us surprised that you can even GET takeaways on Christmas Day. On a day when all the public transport evaporates and shops finally give up on flogging pre-Christmas 'deals,' apparently some kind folks will still bring you a burger to save you venturing outside. Read More >>

Just Eat’s Made Onion Bhaji Baubles

We spend quite a lot of our time reading press releases, turning to one another in despair and crying "but WHY?" Read More >>

Amazon Gives Up On Delivering From Restaurants In The UK

It might surprise you to hear that Amazon UK has its own rival to Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, which is probably why it's closing. Amazon Restaurants has existed as a way for Prime members to get restaurant food delivered to them since September 2016, and has now announced it'll be shutting down on the 3rd of December. Read More >>

Asda Now Does Takeaway Pizza

Getting takeaway pizza just got a lot cheaper with the news that Asda is teaming up with JustEat to deliver its £6 pizzas to your doorstep. Read More >>

Just Eat Gives Regulators the Finger, Turns Credit Card Charges Into Universal ‘Service Charge’

Last year it was announced that as of the 13th January this year (aka this Saturday), companies in the UK would not be allowed to charge customers for using credit cards. Some say it was the EU cracking down, other say it was our own government, but regardless of who should take credit it was designed to save people from "rip off" charges on products or services they were already paying for. Read More >>

20 Per Cent Off a Takeaway Is Your Friday Night Special Deal of the Day

It’s almost the weekend, and almost time for us all to stop thinking about our hateful jobs, detestable bosses and that potentially-worrying medical problem that we really ought to get looked at. Read More >>