The Justice Society of America Is Coming Back to Help Beat Up Lex Luthor

The DC Universe is setting up a climactic battle this year—one where a seriously messed up Lex Luthor (or rather, some version of him) will lead a villainous charge against a Justice League on the back foot. The League are attempting to manage both the potential end of the universe as they know it and the mother of all public opinion crises. They’re pretty screwed at the moment...but help is on the way. Read More >>

Thanos and Gamora Cosplayers Are So Cute You’d Almost Forget He Murdered Half Her Planet

Nothing like a little father and daughter bonding time! Hold on a second—Is this before or after Thanos butchered most of his adoptive daughter Gamora’s real family? What does it matter...look how adorable they are! Bonus points: These two cosplayers are actually father and daughter. Read More >>

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This Fan is Pretty Sure He Knows What’s Wrong With the Action Scenes in DC Movies

Superhero movies are nothing without their big, wild setpieces. And one critic thinks he knows what’s wrong with the DC Extended Universe’s big fights. Read More >>

Here’s Your First Full Look at George Miller’s Scrapped Justice League Team… Just About

We’ve heard a lot over the years about Justice League Mortal, George Miller’s scrapped attempt to bring DC’s finest heroes to the big screen, but we’ve barely seen anything from it. A piece of concept art here, a costume there. But now we actually have our look at the League that could’ve been, suited up. Sort of. You’re gonna need to squint. Read More >>

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A £360 PC and an AI Did a Way Better Job Erasing Henry Cavill’s Justice League Moustache Than Expensive VFX

There’s a long list of things wrong with the Justice League movie, not the least of which being the hasty and poorly-executed digital removal of Henry Cavill’s moustache that he couldn’t shave during the film’s reshoots. But not to worry, some random dude on the internet with a $500 (~£356) used PC and a world-changing AI just fixed at least one part of that film. Read More >>

The Unverified Yet Believably Silly Reason Why Henry Cavill Couldn’t Shave His ‘Tache for Justice League

No symbol better encapsulates the problems that Warner Bros. is having getting the DCEU off the ground than Henry Cavill’s digitally-removed moustache in Justice League. To be fair, Cavill’s inability to shave the thing off isn’t entirely DC’s fault, but at this point it kinda feels like maybe, just maybe, WB’s cool with this whole ship sinking. Read More >>

After Justice League, Henry Cavill Is Excited to Play the Superman of the Comics

The Superman we’ve seen in DC’s movie universe has been...let’s say controversial at times. It’s a characterisation that has been built more around the character’s power, and reactions to that power, than the ideals he champions. But after Justice League, Henry Cavill thinks its time for a Superman story that leans closer to the comics. Read More >>

The End Credits Scene of Justice League Has Been Bugging Me

When I first saw the end credits scene of Justice League, it was incredibly exciting. The scene sets up some intriguing possibilities for the future of the DC universe and does so with several surprises. However, the more and more I’ve thought about it over the past few days, the more and more it’s been bugging me. Read More >>

Aquaman Won’t Use the Same Techniques as Justice League For Talking Underwater

There’s only one scene in Justice League that really gives us a taste of what to expect when Arthur Curry gets his own standalone movie next year. But even then, it turns out that at least one thing we saw won’t carry over to Aquaman: Specifically, the way these characters talk to each other. Read More >>

Fake Poster of the Justice League Murdering Marvel Characters Was Used for Real in China

This is not as cute as Spider-Man taking a nap with some pandas. A doctored Justice League poster portraying DC’s heroes stomping, skewering, and decapitating some of the competition has been making the rounds in China, including being used as an actual cinema poster and elevator ad. Read More >>

All the Ways Justice League Sets Up the Future of DC Movies

Now that Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg have teamed up in Justice League, the DC Universe is ready to blast off—assuming its smaller-than-anticipated opening weekend hasn’t thrown a spanner in the works. But if Warner Bros. decides to extend the DC Extended Universe a bit longer, here’s all the clues in Justice League to what may be coming. Read More >>

The Justice League We Got Was the Best Version the DCEU Could Give Us

I'd like to go on the record right now to say that I think a lot of the bad Justice League reviews are overly harsh. The film isn't perfect, but it's an awful lot better than some people seem to think. I won't declare that JL was amazing and that everyone who says otherwise is receiving some sort of anti-DC bribe, but it was alright. Frankly, after everything that's happened, it's probably the best version of that film we could get out of the DCEU. Read More >>

Zack Snyder Fans Petition For The Release of His Cut of Justice League As Deleted Scenes Leak Online

People who like Zack Snyder and his work have a tendency to really like Zack Snyder and his work. So it’s no surprise that the shifts late in Justice League’s production, which include a hefty infusion of Joss Whedon-helmed reshoots and directorial judgements, would be unpalatable to Snyder’s diehards. Read More >>