English and Welsh Courts Move Online in £1bn Digital Justice Scheme

A shakeup of the court system in England and Wales is going ahead following successful trials, with more pre-recorded testimonies to be used and an option introduced for those happy to admit to being guilty able to log their confessions and be punished through the internet. Read More >>

Police Wearing Body Cameras are More Likely to Be Assaulted

A large-scale analysis of body-camera usage among police officers in the US and the UK has produced some rather unexpected and counter-intuitive results, showing that body-worn cameras have a tendency to increase assaults on police. At the same time, discretionary use of cameras increases an officer’s tendency to use force. Read More >>

The Craziest Line in Apple’s Motion to Throw Out the iPhone Case

Apple just took its next swipe in the fight over unlocking a terrorist’s iPhone: a court order to vacate. The company is invoking the First and Fifth Amendments to argue that the court order it received to create a backdoor for the device is unconstitutional. Read More >>

Smugglers Busted With Nearly £250 Million Worth of Cocaine Moulded Into Shipping Pallets

Remember that scene in Traffic where they mould cocaine into dolls? This kind of trickery happens in real life, too. A band of international smugglers recently got caught with over $370/£244 million worth of cocaine disguised as 40 shipping pallets. No, the pallets weren’t filled with cocaine. The pallets were cocaine. Read More >>

Bitcoin-Robbing Government Bod Goes Down for Silk Road Theft 

Former Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges is going to prison for 71 months, or nearly six years, for stealing over $800,000 in Bitcoin from drug dealers while investigating the Silk Road. Read More >>

Why a Silk Road Retrial is Necessary 

It only took a few hours for a jury to convict Ross Ulbricht of running the infamous online drug marketplace Silk Road, so the urge to write off Ulbricht's lawyer's bid for a retrial as a desperate move is understandable. But desperate or not, a retrial is important, and it should be granted. Because the FBI evidence that led to Ulbricht's guilt may not have been collected legally. Read More >>

The US Just Charged Three Spammers With the Biggest Data Breach in History

The only thing that sucks more than spam are the greedy people who send it to you. That's why the US Department of Justice charging three spam kingpins responsible for one of the largest data breaches in history is so exciting. Finally, someone is taking down the spam kingpins—or at least trying. Read More >>

Government Pushed to Battle “Revenge Porn” in the UK

The UK's former culture secretary Maria Miller has asked MPs to consider toughening up laws on the posting of so-called "revenge porn" online, requesting that the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill laws are enhanced to introduce tougher penalties for those engaging in the shameful practise. Read More >>

TVCatchup Does Break Copyright Rules — Will Have to Ditch Channels to Continue

The ongoing legal case between some of the UK's big ad-funded TV networks and streaming site TVCatchup has come its latest conclusion, with the European court of Justice ruling that any streaming services must get permission from the original broadcaster to redistribute their feeds. And that's very unlikely to be granted. Read More >>