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Betamax vs. VHS: How Sony Lost the Original Home Video Format War

Remember a few years ago when Blu-ray battled HD-DVD in the high-def DVD format war? Sony and Blu-ray ultimately won out, but there was a time when the electronics giant wasn't as successful in getting its way. Read More >>

The Best Action Camera: Spring 2014 Edition

You can't just do something dangerous and insane these days without filming it for posterity. And while action cameras let us relieve these life-highlights over and over, they aren't all created equal. We decided to see for ourselves which one could handle your extreme adventures best. Read More >>

JVC Finds a Clever Shortcut To an 8K Projector

Given 4K TVs and cameras are only just starting to hit the market, there's not a lot of 8K components to be had just yet. But that isn't stopping JVC from rolling out one of the first 8K projectors, that's actually built on 4K technology. Read More >>

JVC’s Tiny HD Action Camera Looks Like a Freaking Tank

JVC's new GC-XA1 ADIXXION action camera is loaded, combining the best features of the competition into a compact, everything-proof package. No extra add-ons to buy. Is this the most-powerful action footage weapon yet? Read More >>

JVC Videosphere: What if Flat Panels Never Existed?

The first time I saw a JVC Videosphere with my own eyes was at a flea market a couple of years ago. I nearly lost my shit at its retro-future goodness and was hellbent on bringing it home with me. Unfortunately, my wallet didn't agree. Read More >>

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World’s Largest Glasses-Free 3D TV Is 200-Inches of Awesome

Sixteen feet. That's taller than Yao Ming standing on Shaq's shoulders, more than an average-sized giraffe, and yet slightly less than the diagonal measurement of this gargantuan display. The days of Back to the Future II-style 3D advertising are nearly upon us! Read More >>

Is JVC’s Crazy-Looking New Camera the Mythical Hybrid Video/Still Camera?

The concept of a video/still camera didn't excite me much. But maybe that's because I've been waiting for a true video/still Hybrid. The sasquatch of the A/V forrest. Read More >>