Did a Meteorite Start a Forest Fire in the USA? It’s Unlikely

A three-alarm forest fire in the White Mountains near Woodstock, New Hampshire was linked to reports of a meteorite strike, the Boston Globe reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

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I Can’t Stop Watching This £27,000 RC Fighter Jet Crash and Burn

“Oh, it’s so majestic! Watch it zoom around those trees! It gets so close to the grass! It goes upside down! It swoops over the crowd! It’s heading straight for the ground! It’s heading straight for the ground!! It’s heading straight for the ground!!! It’s hea——” Read More >>

This New Kind of Molecule Stops Jet Fuel from Exploding

Jet planes load up with tens of thousands of gallons of fuel for transcontinental flights, which can lead to massive explosions in a crash or terrorist attack. But adding “molecular velcro” to fuel can dramatically reduce its volatility, or explosiveness. Read More >>

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Birthday Cake Goes Boom In Slow Motion

If you’ve ever wanted to see a birthday cake — or any cake, for that matter, explode before your eyes, boy, do I have a video for you. Read More >>