Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ First Trailer Is an All-Out Kaiju Epic

If Godzilla is truly the King of the Monsters, then surely he needs a few monsters to fight to earn his title, right? Read More >>

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Why Japan’s Godzilla Is So Much Better Than America’s Godzilla

Godzilla isn’t just a Kaiju that’s the king of the monsters. Godzilla doesn’t just spend its time mindlessly destroying the world with its atomic breath in brain-numbing American remakes that no one should spend two hours watching. Or, fine, Godzilla is that in America. But in Japan, Godzilla represents so much more. Read More >>

What Apps Do You Download First on a New Smartphone?

This week, ComScore published a report saying that 65.5 per cent of smartphone users over the age of 18 will go months without purchasing apps through their respective app stores. That seems like a particularly high considering all the great apps that come out every week, let alone every month. Read More >>

The US Air Force Thinks it Could Take on Godzilla

What would we do if a kaiju like Godzilla actually showed up on our shores? According to (some members of) the US Air Force, they'd kick its ass. Because of course they would. Read More >>