The Story Behind the Viral Video of That Dude Who Socked a Kangaroo

It seems like just this morning we were all watching that viral video of a hardcore Australian dude punching a kangaroo to save a dog. (Oh, it was.) But now, the backstory has allegedly come to light. Read More >>

This Laptop is Two Computers in One Thanks to Swappable Modules

We were impressed with how InFocus managed to cram a half-decent computer into its Kangaroo mini PC that’s no larger than a paperback novel. But we’re still trying to wrap our heads around the company’s latest creation: a laptop dock that lets you swap in even tinier Windows 10 PC modules. Read More >>

Some DVR Company Scared the Hell Out of a Kangaroo By Bringing It Onstage

During today's Dish Network event, CEO Joseph Clayton used a live kangaroo to introduce the company's new Hopper DVR system. The little guy didn't freak out when everyone started taking pictures. But he didn't look happy either. Read More >>