Sainsbury’s Heads for PR Disaster With Kangaroo Burger Launch

Supermarket giant Sainsbury's thinks it's on to a winner with a new low fat meat for the summer barbecue season, in the form of burgers made out of kangaroo flesh. It is not going down well with anti-meat protesters. Read More >>

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Hardcore Dude Socks It to Kangaroo to Save Dog

Pretty much every kind of flora and fauna in Australia can kill you. Seriously, take it from someone who was born there: Every crazy story you hear about Australian wildlife probably has some basis in reality. Read More >>

This Bionic Kangaroo is Perfect for an Australia-Themed Amusement Park

This week Festo unveiled a bird-inspired wind turbine, but yesterday, the company unveiled a new robotic creation that's a little more recognisable. The world may not have a huge need for a bionic kangaroo—outside of Australian-themed amusement parks—but emulating the marsupial could result in robots with remarkably long endurance. Read More >>

Here’s a Video of a Kangaroo Fighting a Dog, Just Because it’s Friday

The kangaroo has been misrepresented. We have, via a media conspiracy, been taught that it fights with its feet, or perhaps smashes enemies into submission with a sweep of its powerful tail. But it doesn't, at least not when fighting a dog in a pool. Read More >>