What Could Kim Kardashian’s Robbers Learn From Her Social Media Posts?

Kim Kardashian was “bound and gagged” in a Paris hotel on Sunday evening while being held at gunpoint by five armed men dressed as policemen. While the hotel in which she was staying is known for its discretion when hosting celebrities, one has to wonder exactly how the thieves tracked down Kardashian’s exact location. The Kardashians have publicly expressed anxiety that Snapchat could be revealing their locations in the past. Read More >>

Kanye West Declared Twitter Winner for August 31st 2016

The stats are in. Kanye West won the gold medal for the typing things you think into Twitter competition for the day of August 31 2016, with a is-it?-isn't-it? ironic message about his favourite international brand. Read More >>

How the Hell Does Kanye’s Flying Stage Work?

Last night, Kanye West kicked off his Saint Pablo tour in Indianapolis with a crazy flying stage. Instead of a boring, normal, stationary stage—you know, the kind most artists jump and gyrate all over—Kanye decided to float above the audience on a suspended platform. Read More >>

Kanye West Tweets Out Hot Tech Gossip

In June, Apple was rumoured to be in talks to purchase Tidal, although a Tidal spokesperson denied those claims. Yesterday afternoon the king of tech, Kanye West, suggested those claims might be true on his Twitter account. Read More >>

Experts: Kanye and Kim Could Both Be Prosecuted Over Taylor Swift Phone Call

Kanye West could face criminal charges over releasing a recording of a phone call he had with Taylor Swift, according to three legal experts who spoke with Gizmodo. Not only that, but West’s wife Kim Kardashian could also face charges for publishing the recording of the phone call on her Snapchat. Read More >>

World’s Angriest Kanye Fan Sues Over Being Tricked Into Using Tidal

So, the grand experiment that is Tidal continues to be a rousing success. A Kanye West fan is now suing the artist and the service for using what he alleges are deceptive marketing practices to trick people into using Tidal. Read More >>

Heartless!  Kanye Posts New Track to Apple Music After All

Remember that Tidal subscription you got to listen to Kanye’s new album The Life of Pablo? Turns out not all of that Mr. West’s definition of “exclusive” is somewhat looser than most. Read More >>

Damn, Kanye Used to Be a Great Tech Blogger 

Kanye West insists that his next album will be the “album of life”. Is he exaggerating? Probably. But I do know that Kanye used to be the tech blogger of life. Read More >>

Crazy Rumour: Kanye Might Dump Jay Z’s Tidal to Launch Swish on Beats

Here’s a ludicrous rumour we’re going to explore because the thought of Kanye West and Apple and Dr. Dre doing something together makes me want to throw a cartoonishly large old-time shopkeeper's till off a building just to watch millions float away in the wind. Read More >>

Kanye West Jumped Into a Lake and Fell Over

An open air Kanye West concert in Armenia ended in the sort of baffling confusion that has become the man's trademark of late, after he launched himself into a lake and caused the concert to be abandoned shortly after he'd started. Read More >>

Google Should Hire Kanye

Right now, Apple reigns as the premium brand for mobile products; its monopoly on status symbol status is way too secure. Look how excited people got about the Apple Watch when Android Wear does almost exactly the same damn thing. Spectators fawned over the new gold Macbook even though it's a £1,049 laptop with the processing power of a glorified tablet. Read More >>

Help Kanye West’s Mum Get to Heaven in Yeezy’s Video Game Debut

Noted Kanye West enthusiast Kanye West is many things. Today, that thing is grieving game developer. Because in Kanye West's upcoming (official) video game debut, Kanye West wants you to help Kanye's mum get to Kanye heaven. Read More >>

Kanye West’s New Adidas Line is Inspired by…the London Riots?

When he's not being the biggest mouth in pop music, Kanye West moonlights as the biggest mouth in the fashion business, too. Mr Kardashian has a put his name to a new range of Adidas's iconic Originals line. His inspiration? The London riots of 2011. Read More >>

Kanye West Said a Crazy Thing About Drones but Was Also Right

Kanye West is a worrier. Except these days, he's not upset about Bonnaroo or water bottles, he's worried about adult stuff, like the safety of his one-year-old daughter North. More specifically, he's worried about her getting electrocuted by a paparazzi-piloted drone while she's swimming. As with most things Kanye, it's an insightful point flecked with just the lightest patina of crazy. Read More >>

The Seven Best Tech Quotes From Kanye West’s Cannes Lions Talk Today

The advertising industry has decamped to sunny Cannes for the week, with a number of high-profile presenters preaching to the already-converted. Dispensing advice to the ad men alongside David Hasselhoff, Sarah Jessica Parker and Spike Jonze was Kanye West, who in typical form had a lot to say without really saying anything at all... Read More >>