thai cave rescue
Thai Boys Were Given Ketamine to Prevent Panic and Hypothermia During Cave Rescue

Ketamine may have helped save the lives of the twelve boys and their soccer coach who were rescued from a Thai cave last summer. Read More >>

How Is Taking Ketamine for Depression Different From Falling Into a K-Hole?

You may have heard a lot about ketamine recently, thanks to the US Food and Drug Administration’s decision last week to approve a nasal spray based on the drug as a new depression treatment. But given ketamine’s long-standing reputation as a recreational drug—so notorious that users talk about entering a “K-hole” after taking it—you might have some questions about what exactly makes the FDA-approved version different. Read More >>

Scientists May Have Unlocked the Secret of How Ketamine Treats Depression So Quickly

In recent years, the party drug and anaesthetic ketamine has been embraced as a rapidly-acting, if still off-label, medication for some cases of depression and suicidal ideation that don’t respond to other treatments. But there’s still much we don’t understand about how it actually works so quickly to treat the crippling disorder. A new study released Wednesday out of Stanford University suggests that at least some of ketamine’s mojo relies on the same brain receptors that opioid painkillers activate. Read More >>

Ketamine Nasal Spray Relieves Suicidal Thoughts, but Doctors Worry About Abuse Risk

Ketamine, a drug that’s been retooled as a “breakthrough” in depression treatment, is one step closer to becoming mainstream medicine, thanks to the results of a Phase II clinical trial published this week in the American Journal of Psychiatry. But some experts are wary of creating a new drug-abuse crisis by introducing a potentially addictive drug to millions of new users. Read More >>

Psychedelic Happy Drugs in “May Beat Depression” Shock

Some scientists have been mucking about with the brains of depressed people, merrily feeding them notorious animal tranquilliser and mind-bending floaty/paralysis party drug ketamine to see what happens. Rather unsurprisingly, they felt a bit better about themselves after emerging from their medically induced k-holes. Read More >>

Ketamine is to be Upgraded to a Class B Drug

Ketamine, the horse-tranquilliser-come-party-drug, is to be upgraded to a Class B substance. Those hunting that "K-Hole" will have to dig a bit deeper into the underworld, and run the risk of far harsher penalties if caught in possession. Read More >>

It’s Official: Special K Makes You Feel Good

Researchers at Yale have clinically demonstrated that ketamine can very rapidly reverse synaptic dysfunction tied to depression and stress. In other words, science just proved what zillions kids in the K hole have known for decades: Ketamine is a very effective way to make yourself feel good. Read More >>

Doctors Are Testing Special K as an Instant Depression Remedy

Part of why Special K — the drug, not the cereal — has become so massively popular on the club scene is because of its ability to instantly improve the user's mood. Now doctors in Texas are studying if that effect can help treat cases of severe depression. Read More >>