Ordering Your Steak Well-Done Like a Baby Is Also Bad for Your Health

On Sunday, we learned Donald Trump eats his steak well-done with ketchup. If you’ve ever eaten steak—in Trump’s case, an expensive, tender piece of New York strip—you probably know that well-done with ketchup is simply not the way to go. The president should give medium-rare a try, not only for the sake of his palette, but because eating overcooked meat may increase your risk of cancer according to almost 50 studies. Read More >>

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There’s Amazing Ketchup Leather in This Delicious Burger

This burger from Plan Check in Los Angeles already looks delicious but what makes it a must eat is the “ketchup leather” inside the burger. It’s basically ketchup in the shape and form of a Fruit Roll-Up. Or like a cheese slice of ketchup. Or like awesomeness in a square. Food Steez visited the restaurant to see how they put their burger and chicken sandwich together your eyes will be hungry after. Read More >>

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20 Weird and Wonderful Uses for Tomato Ketchup

Everybody loves tomato sauce. Well, everyone except perhaps Jamie Oliver and people from Chicago (they hate it on Hot Dogs, apparently). The rest of us slather ketchup over our comfort foods like its going out of style. Read More >>

Ford Wants to Make Car Parts Out of Leftover Ketchup

Forget making cars more green—Ford and Heinz have a plan that adds a little red to the mix. In fact, they're entering into a collaboration to use remnants from ketchup to make parts for new cars. Read More >>

Greggs Customers Furious Over Management’s “Personalised Sauce Option” Ketchup Ban

Pastry and sandwich chain Greggs has apparently banned staff from adding brown sauce and ketchup to lunchtime sandwiches sold to customers, in a move that's either all about reducing serving time, saving money or annoying people, depending on who you listen to. Read More >>

McDonald’s Ditches Heinz Tomato Ketchup in Global Condiment Bombshell

Burger chain McDonald's has had a massive sulk over high-level management changes at Heinz, and has decided to gradually phase out Heinz ketchup from all of its 34,000 branches around the world as a result. Read More >>

Chippy Accused of Racism Over 25p Ketchup Assault

Apparently, people in Edinburgh favour putting brown sauce on their fish & chips, an odd regional peculiarity that's caused a man from Glasgow to claim a chip shop's 25p fee for tomato ketchup is akin to "racism" -- because it gives away the brown stuff for free. Read More >>

The Untold History Behind Everyone’s Favourite Condiment Bottle

The Heinz tomato ketchup bottle has become a mainstay of family dinners and greasy diners alike, and it's for this precise reason that its iconic shape so often goes overlooked. The tomato sauce bottle's familiar glass frame comes with a rich, fascinating history that, fortunately for us, Co.Design has been kind enough to dig up. Read More >>

See the No-Stick Ketchup Bottle of the Future in Action

Getting ketchup out of a bottle is a massive unsolved engineering problem. Plastic squeezy bottles, upside down bottles, tapping the 57, just shove a butter knife in there—none really does the job. But the wonderful nerds at MIT might have done it with their new non-stick LiquiGlide bottle. Read More >>

Ketchup Used to Be Made of Fish: The Crazy History of The World’s Greatest Condiment

Here's something that might just blow your mind: ketchup—the national condiment of 1896, according to the New York Tribune—wasn't always tomato based. In fact, if it had remained in its early form, we might be spreading fish paste on our burgers (gulp) instead of the tangy tomato-y goodness we presently rely on. Read More >>

The Ketchup Fountain Is Greater Than a Cure for Cancer

What is technology, really? An amusement? A shield from nature's labors? Industry? None of these — technology is meant to transcend the human. And when we behold this font of tomato, dipping fries into a ketchup continuum, we become gods. Read More >>