The Best Future Android Features You Can Get Right Now

It feels like we've been waiting for a big new version of Android forever; Jelly Bean is great, but it could do so much more. Surprise: it actually does! All you have to do is take matters into your own hands. Read More >>

14 Android Fixes We Want to See This Week

Google I/O is almost upon us, and that means, presumably, some updates to Android. We might not see a full-on update to a new version (5.0) announced at tonight's keynote, but we do expect some changes. And while the wishlist might not be as long as it has been in years past, there's still plenty left to do. Here's what we're hoping for. Read More >>

Nexus 4
Would You Buy an Updated Nexus 4 With LTE and Android 5.0?

Rumour has it Google's got an updated version of the Nexus 4 incoming. This one's apparently meant to come packing LTE, or at least an LTE antenna, given that there's actually an inactive LTE chip inside the current Nexus 4, 32GB of storage, and Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Sketchy or logical? Read More >>

Google’s “Key Lime Pie” Android Update Pegged for Q2 of This Year

Triumphant mobile processor developer Qualcomm let slip a little Android secret in its latest financial update, telling investors it expects to see Google release its next big version of Android in Q2 of 2013. Read More >>

Motorola Job Listing Seemingly Confirms Moto/Google “X-Phone”

It looks like Motorola's finally about to prove its worth to Google, with the existence of the previously rumoured Android "X-Phone" confirmed by a job listing. Motorola's hiring someone to manage this "Next Generation Smartphone Platform." Read More >>

Well That Pretty Much Clinches It — Key Lime Pie It Is Then

If you were in any doubt that the next iteration of Android was going to be called Key Lime Pie, this cute little comic charting the evolution of Android, from Google's own Manu Cornet, should put that to rest. Read More >>

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How Long Does It Take Google to Fix a Bug? 2.5 Years

Normally we're used to bugs being nixed in days, maybe weeks, but not Google, oh no. It's taken Mountain View a whole two-and-a-half years to fix a bug in Android. Yep, two-and-a-half freaking years. Read More >>

After Jelly Bean, the Next Version of Android Might Be Key Lime Pie

The Verge says a reliable source tells them that the latest codename for the Android roadmap will be Key Lime Pie, which, of course, falls in with their alphabetical, dessert-themed naming system, and will arrive after Jelly Bean. Read More >>