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CES 2019: Asus’ New Keyboard Can Hide Your Porn

Asus just revealed its new ROG Strix CTRL gaming keyboard. Like any new hardware announcements, a press release went out the media, highlighting its features and benefits. Read More >>

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Adds Spill Protection

I'm a simple man. I like simple things, like keyboards that go 'clack' and don't have any bells and whistles. The latest Razer Blackwidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard does one of those things and includes a new feature that I never realised I wanted: spill protection. Read More >>

Should You Buy a Clicky or Silent Mechanical Keyboard?

It's the question that every PC nerd has asked themselves as they've been poring over online store listings: should I buy a mechanical keyboard with clicky tactile switches, or one with silent and linear keys? I compared two otherwise identical keyboards over a couple of weeks of gaming and typing to find my own personal favourite — and try to figure out why that was. Read More >>

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This Tiny Paper Organ Deserves Its Own Jam Band

A pipe organ can cost more than £150,000 and weigh thousands of pounds. Not this instrument. The paper organ built by master craftsman Aliaksei Zholner costs and weights only a fraction of that — and it works just like the real thing. Read More >>

The iPhone Has a Hidden One-Handed Keyboard

Here’s a pretty cool story. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith recently found hidden code for a one-handed keyboard in iOS by hacking an iOS Simulator. Troughton-Smith says the keyboard has “been there since at least iOS 8.” Read More >>

With Just Three Keys, Keyboard Manages to Make Typing More Complicated

earning how to efficiently type on a QWERTY keyboard is tough enough for many of us, but one Reddit user decided to make the process even more complicated thanks to a three-button binary keyboard. Read More >>

Finally, a Mouse and Keyboard You Can Comfortably Use on the Sofa

While a lot of televisions rattle off specs to make them appealing for PC gaming, and a lot of PC manufacturers shrink down their systems so they’ll fit in your media centre, there’s still been one major issue with the concept of PC gaming from your sofa. The controls are shit. Read More >>

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A Lovely Ode to the Sounds of a Mechanical Keyboard

Clickety Clack. The sounds of a mechanical keyboard are just so soothing. There’s such a satisfying audible (and physical) reaction whenever you hit the keys, like hey, press this button and you’ll feel good. Here’s Pseudorandom using the mechanical keyboard as an instrument for a song. Read More >>

Typing on a MacBook Could Soon Be as Awful as Typing on an iPad

Have you tried to write an email, or worse, an essay on an iPad touchscreen? Well, soon that may be exactly how you type on a Macbook laptop. Read More >>

Your Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Can Be Hacked to Gain Control of Your PC

The wireless link between your mouse and dongle might not be as useful as you think. A new hack shows that the links are often unencrypted and can be used to gain control of your computer. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Bought London-Based Keyboard Maker SwiftKey

SwiftKey is the most innovative and interesting predictive keyboard maker in the business, and Microsoft is a software giant that’s trying to push its artificial intelligence cred a little higher. It’s a match made in heaven, to the tune of $250 million (£173.7m). Read More >>

MacBook Air 2013 13-inch backlit keyboard
Apple May Ruin the MacBook With a Force Touch Keyboard, Because Thinner is Better

Apple’s believed to be working on a Force Touch (shudder) keyboard that could become a fixture on future MacBooks. A recently-published patent describes an ‘ultra low travel keyboard’, which would likely work in a similar manner to the new MacBook’s trackpad or the iPhone 6S’ display, sensing and reacting to different levels of finger pressure. Read More >>

Blackberry’s Legal War Against Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Keyboard is Back On

BlackBerry and American Idol host-turned-tech entrepreneur Ryan Seacrest are not buds. The first Typo keyboard – an absolutely horrible iPhone keyboard attachment you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy – was just the focus of a lawsuit that cost Seacrest's startup nearly $860,000 (£560,000). Now BlackBerry is back, and suing them again for the Typo 2. Read More >>