Konami Elbows Its Way into Esports with a Wildly Overpriced Line of PC Gaming Hardware

This week, Konami, owner of multiple sports clubs, maker of pachinko machines, and occasional developer of video games decided that instead of putting out a real update to PES that it would dive into the world of PC gaming with a new line of esports-focused hardware. Read More >>

There’s At Least One Keyboard Worse Than Apple’s Butterfly Switch Fiasco

Reminding us that things can always be worse, YouTube’s Foone Turing has created a keyboard that is based around a floppy drive and a stack of floppy disks that somehow looks even more frustrating to use than Apple’s much-maligned butterfly keyboards. Read More >>

Worst Co-Worker Ever Creates the Loudest, Clackiest Keyboard Imaginable

You can spend as much money as you want to customise a mechanical keyboard and install the fanciest switches, but it will never sound as satisfyingly clackety as this setup by Jatin Patel who built an unusual contraption that recreates the sounds of an old-school mechanical typewriter. Read More >>

Apple’s Magic Keyboard Really Does Turn the iPad Pro Into a Neat Little Laptop

The iPad Pro is the best tablet you can buy, but without the right accessories, it can’t fully replace your laptop for every task. The Magic Keyboard for iPad is the right accessory. In fact, it’s the perfect accessory. Read More >>

Apple’s Keyboard Nightmare Is Finally Over

In the spring of 2015, Apple made one of the most significant changes to its laptop line ever when it switched from scissor switch keyboards to its homegrown butterfly keyboard. But now, after five years, the butterfly keyboard is finally going away for good. Read More >>

Lenovo’s Wireless Keyboard Puts the ThinkPad’s Iconic Nub on Your Desk

As the backlash over Apple’s wonky butterfly keyboards continues, Lenovo proves that you don’t always have to innovate to keep customers happy. The ThinkPad’s keyboards have a fiercely loyal following, and for $100 (£80; UK pricing and availability TBA) you can keep using the design that time forgot with this detached wireless version that will work any other laptop or computer. Read More >>

Logitech’s New Keyboard Case Brings a Touchpad to Older iPads for Less than Half the Cost of Apple’s

Apple’s efforts to reposition the iPad as a laptop alternative continue with its new Magic Keyboard accessory that includes a touchpad. Yet it’s only designed to work with the pricey iPad Pro models. However, iPadOS cursor support extends to cheaper tablets so Logitech has stepped up with its own trackpad-equipped keyboard case that also happens to be much cheaper. Read More >>

Tiny Keyboard Clones Photoshop’s Toolbar for Your Desk

If you spend a lot of time in Photoshop – we’re talking all of your working hours pushing pixels – you’ve undoubtedly mastered countless shortcuts to streamline your workflow, and are always on the hunt for more. If you can spare a little room on your desk, this tiny keyboard puts some of the most oft-used tools on Photoshop’s toolbar under your fingertips. Read More >>

Turn Your Old Commodore Computer Into a USB Keyboard With This Easy to Install Adapter

To some, the idea of a computer that didn’t ship with a screen is simply bizarre. To others, Commodore’s computers were where their obsession with technology and gadgets began, and those with fond memories of banging away on those old clackety keys will be happy to hear that a simple adapter turns the Commodore 128 into a USB keyboard compatible with modern PCs. Read More >>

Someone Talk Me Out of Spending £680 on Some Keyboard Caps

I need your help. When I get anxious, I like to buy things. I’ve been good about it for the last few years. I buy a sofa – because I need a sofa. Or I buy a new computer case because my old one is too big for the space where I’m putting the computer. Sometimes, I’ll blow money on a much pricier and more useless item. Keycaps. I love to spend more money than I should on the caps that go on a keyboard, and right now there’s a set of keycaps I would very much like to own. Read More >>

You Don’t Even Have to Look at the Screen to Use This One-Handed Phone Keyboard

As smartphone screens have grown, using their on-screen keyboards with one hand has become problematic for anyone without lanky digits. Dougie Mann’s TypeCase might be the solution. It’s a smartphone case packed with electronics and five buttons meant to make single-handed typing doable again. You don’t even need to look at the screen to do so – once you get the hang of it. Read More >>

IFA 2019: This New Logitech Mouse Has a Magnetic Wheel That Feels Like Magic

Thanks to PC gaming, fancy mice with high with DPI sensors and tactile mechanical keyboards have become a lot more popular. Yet when it comes to productivity, Logitech’s MX-series mice are pretty much unmatched, and with the new MX Master 3, Logitech has propelled its flagship mouse into a class of its own. Read More >>

Typing on the iPhone Sounds Amazing With the Original Mac Keyboard Attached

One of the new features that will arrive with iOS 13 next month is support for a mouse. It should help push the iPad closer to being a true laptop replacement for many users, but YouTuber Napabar found an even better use for the feature: upgrading his iPhone X with both an original Macintosh computer and mouse. Read More >>

Engineers Will Love this Dead Calculator Hacked Into a Wireless Keyboard

On the surface, hacking a broken calculator to serve as a Bluetooth ‘keyboard’ for a calculator app on a smartphone seems like hacking for hacking’s sake. But we all know how frustrating a touchscreen keyboard can be for anything but short messages, so for engineers or mathematicians crunching numbers all day, this hack might actually be genius? Read More >>

Has the Code Been Cracked on Key Switches?

I don’t know if there is a single holy grail for keyboard nerds. Every nerd is different. But some switches, like the IBM Beam Spring, are so beloved that even the most curmudgeonly keyboard fan thinks of them wistfully. “It’s the ultimate clicky switch as far as I’m concerned,” one member of the keyboard enthusiast forum Deskthority claimed in a post about them. Now Input Club, a company of opensource keyboard enthusiasts based out of the US state of California, thinks it’s cracked the code and figured out a way not just to bring the Beam Spring into the modern keyboard era, but also to create a keyboard so customisation that the input the keyboard reports changes depending on how hard you press the key. Read More >>