KFC Naughty-Stepped for Advertising a Milkshake Near a School

The protectors of the children and the guardians of the advertising world have given KFC a telling off, after the meat fryer was caught advertising one of its presumably sugar-packed drink treats on a phone box near a school. Read More >>

Kentucky Fried Fauxken: KFC Going to Serve Up Vegetarian ‘Chicken’, Starting in the UK

When it comes to vegetarian friendly fast food, KFC doesn't really come to mind. You know, because so much of the menu is chicken based. But the times they are a changing, because KFC has decided to get into the fake chicken game, and sell some zero-animal equivalent. Read More >>

Coming Soon: Waves of Royal Wedding-Themed KFC Buckets Selling for Outrageous Money

The Royal Wedding is on Saturday, which finally means we can be done with the hype that's being generated in the run up to two vaguely famous people standing in a church declaring they want to grow old together. We can move onto the more important things, like complaining about how the tabloids singled out a single female guest and aimed all their lecherous feelings at her. It'll certainly be the end of weird tie-in products, like KFC's Royal Wedding-theme buckets that will no doubt end up flooding eBay in the coming weeks. Read More >>

If the Snow Wasn’t Bad Enough, KFC is Now Suffering From a Gravy Shortage

KFC hasn't been having the best time of it lately, what with all the issues they had with chicken shortages last week. Now, though, there's another crisis looming, and it's not the snow keeping everyone away from stores to order a bargain bucket. It's actually having to deal with a gravy shortage. Read More >>

KFC Suppliers Ironically Showered With Cheap, Plentiful Chicken

So that KFC chicken crisis is still ongoing, which all sounds a bit weird to people who live in the countryside and only eat whatever's in the fridge for dinner. For the employees of one KFC supplier what's most likely to be in their fridges right now is chicken, and masses of it. Because it's being dumped off at a loss. Read More >>

KFC Ad Admits it FCK-ed Up

While men with forklift trucks dump rotting chicken into the sea* as people in the suburbs starve** in dystopian 2018 UK, the office-based part of the KFC corporation is using the chicken crisis to its advantage by putting out a jolly old ironic advertisement in the newspapers. Read More >>

KFC Crisis 23rd Feb: These Stores Are STILL Closed, And Here’s The Nearest Open Branch To Each

The nation is not coping well. Hundreds of KFC branches are still closed due to a lack of Kentucky Fried Chicken. There would no doubt be an armed insurrection by now, were it not for KFC's most enthusiastic fans not being in the best shape for combat. Read More >>

KFC Crisis Thursday 22nd Feb: These Stores Are STILL Closed, And These Are Your Closest Alternatives (Updated)

Another day of the fried chicken crisis at KFC, and another day of exhaustive coverage here at Gizmodo UK. We get it, you want fried chicken - and you're prepared to travel for it. So without further ado, here's a list of all of the KFC stores that are still closed - with the nearest open branch listed with them. Read More >>

What’s The Grossest Fast Food Chain?

This article was originally posted on 30th October 2017, but in the light of the "KFC Crisis" we thought you might like to be reminded about what substitute fast food eateries to avoid. Spoiler: pretty much all other fried chicken shops. Sorry. Read More >>

You Don’t Need KFC, Says PETA, Offers a List of Vegan Fried “Chicken” Establishments Instead

Just in case you've been living under a rock, or out on some sort of technophobic meditation retreat, I'll just remind you that KFC is having a bad week. It changed the company in charge of delivering its chicken, and consequently fucked up the whole system - forcing many branches to shut down due to lack of the chain's trademark product. Read More >>

KFC Crisis: Closures on Wednesday 21st Feb & Find Your Nearest Open KFC (Updated)

It's Wednesday the 21st February, and still much of the country is without access to Kentucky Fried Chicken. After the crisis is over, and Britain can go back to eating just about passable fast-food, there will be some serious questions that need to be asked: Do we need a strategic fried chicken reserve? And is Britain prepared for an even more dramatic crisis, like, say, if Nandos declared itself vegetarian? Read More >>

KFC Chicken Crisis: Dozens of Restaurants Are Still Closed – Find Your Closest Open Branch Here (Updated)

The country's fried chicken crisis appears to be continuing this morning as hundreds of KFCs across the country appear to remain closed. The problem? The company has switched delivery suppliers, and there has been a supply chain snafu. The good news is that this means that there isn't a shortage in chickens: Plenty are still being murdered for people to eat. The bad news is that managing a supply chain is difficult, so fixing the problem can't happen instantly. Read More >>

KFC Closes Branches Due to Chicken/Road Problems

Several UK branches of white meat specialist KFC are currently closed, after distribution problems to do with getting lorry loads of chicken about the country on time led to the chain and its franchisees literally running out of meat to sell. Read More >>

Genius Behind Suicide Squad Claims Trump Has ‘Perfect Genes’ and Doesn’t Eat McDonald’s

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the Trump appointee also known as one of the executive producers of the Oscar-winning (*shudder*) film Suicide Squad, was interviewed by Axios’s Mike Allen on Friday, and he had some insane things to say about our president. Read More >>