What’s The Grossest Fast Food Chain?

There’s an ad campaign running at the moment for McDonald’s, in which rather than tell us directly how tasty it thinks its food is, it is instead telling us how not-disgusting it is. Chicken McNuggets, the ad points out, don’t contain “bits” - beaks and parts of the chicken, and so on. Read More >>

Genius Behind Suicide Squad Claims Trump Has ‘Perfect Genes’ and Doesn’t Eat McDonald’s

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the Trump appointee also known as one of the executive producers of the Oscar-winning (*shudder*) film Suicide Squad, was interviewed by Axios’s Mike Allen on Friday, and he had some insane things to say about our president. Read More >>

Not Even the Humble Chicken Bucket Is Safe From Hackers

If you’re a fried chicken enthusiast living, your Chicken Stamps may be in peril. Read More >>

Look What They’ve Done to Colonel Sanders

Old men everywhere, beware of tasteless, meddling, creative young things. Ad agency Wieden + Kennedy has teamed up with KFC to give The Colonel the creepy makeover absolutely nobody asked for. Read More >>

KFC’s ‘Secret Recipe’ Has Been Found and Photographed

The supposedly secret recipe behind the KFC brand of crispy chicken has been published online, after a relative of the actual Colonel allowed it to be photographed by a visiting reporter. Read More >>

KFC Is Giving Away Sun Cream That Makes You Smell Like Fried Chicken

The summer is drawing to a close, but there’s still time to catch some rays, get a glowing tan, and smell like extra crispy fried chicken (if you go abroad). Kentucky Fried Chicken—or KCF as it likes to be called now—is giving away tubes of sun cream that make you smell like you’ve slathered yourself in the Colonel’s secret 11 herbs and spices. That’s a good thing, right? Read More >>

KFC’s ACTUALLY Launched Fried Chicken-Flavoured Nail Polish

Where do I start with this? The fast food joint that prides itself on churning out finger lickin’ good bits of breaded bird by the bucket has -- presumably unwittingly -- made us all think that its food is just as bad for you as, well, paint. The colonel would be proud. Read More >>

KFC Ice Found to Have Faeces Bacteria On It During Food Standards Investigation

The next time you visit the chicken shop -- if this hasn’t completely put you off, of course -- think twice about ordering a drink. A BBC investigation found faecal coliforms in the ice served at a KFC branch in Birmingham’s Martineau Place, and not just traces either. High levels of the stuff. Read More >>

McDonald’s and KFC Impose Teen Diner Restrictions After Stoke Punch-Ups

McDonald’s and KFC have banned teenagers from dining inside a number of Stoke-on-Trent outlets, unless they’re accompanied by an adult. Unsupervised under-18s are still allowed to buy food there, but will have to eat it elsewhere. Read More >>

KFC Spends Money on ‘Memories Bucket’ Printer Meme

The Canadian wing of KFC has, perhaps, if we pretend really hard to not know about how such things work, made a printer for visitors to its chain-store meat-churches to use to print out selfies of themselves taken while cautiously peeling off a layer of batter to see what kind of substance lurks beneath. Read More >>

Aphrodisiac Pasta and Chicken Pizzas Shake up 2015’s Foodscape

A form of pasta with health benefits that include some sort of aphrodisiac claim is coming to the UK, courtesy of artisan dinner provider Pasta Lensi. Read More >>

KFC Puts Keyboards in Trays So Greasy Chicken Fingers Can Keep Texting

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Germany just cooked up the weirdest fast-food techno-marketing stunt. For a week, restaurants lined their serving trays with disposable Bluetooth keyboards instead of paper liners. Not even joking. Read More >>

KFC Fuelling Our Obesity Crisis With Cups You Can EAT

Chicken chain KFC is set to bring edible cups to the UK, just in case you can't cram enough calories and sugar into your meal by eating all the chips, meat, batter and puddings you can waddle back to your table with. Read More >>

KFC’s Double Down Hot Dog is a Sausage Wrapped in a Fried Chicken Bun

Here is proof that there's always more horrifying Frankenfood left to be invented and more stomachs left to destroy with fast food: the Double Down hot dog. It's KFC's take on a hot dog for the Philippines market, only instead of using a regular bun, the Colonel is whipping out a bun made with fried chicken. It looks fairly ridiculous. Read More >>