Researchers Conclude Google’s Play Store Is Likely Chock Full of Apps That Improperly Track Children

Thousands of apps may be tracking the online activity of children in ways that violate US privacy laws, according to a recent survey of Android apps available on the Google Play store. Read More >>

A Quarter of Toddlers Have a Better Phone Than You

Old people: prepare to shake your heads so much so that you do your neck in for a week, as new research into the popularity of phones among children has been released; revealing that around 25 per cent of children under the age of six have their own smartphone. Read More >>

YouTube Kids Will Finally Offer a Mode Where Actual Humans Actually Bother to Vet the Videos

After months of harsh coverage of the malicious or inappropriate content that keeps popping up on YouTube Kids, ranging from videos of Peppa Pig drinking bleach to David Icke conspiracy rants, Google seems to have partially conceded and is planning on rolling out a human-curated version of the app. Read More >>

Fitbit Tracks Kids Now

It’s a sad fact that westerners aren't getting any healthier. So it’s not really a surprise that Fitbit has created the Ace, a kids’ activity tracker that could help parents combat childhood obesity. That said, the idea that parents should be injecting one more gadget into their kids’ lives still seems a bit weird. Read More >>

Modern Kids Can Barely Hold a Pencil

The young kids of today spend so little time drawing and colouring in that they're arriving at school with fingers too weak to hold pencils properly, with researchers warning that the new generation's love of technology is ruining their fine muscle control and finger dexterity. Read More >>

Teacher Hates His Spoilt Posh Rich Kids

The headteacher of a £30k-a-year boarding home for the offspring of the elite doesn't seem to enjoy teaching them very much, as he's branded his students a bunch of lazy, entitled wannabes who lack the determination to do anything more with their lives than sit back and watch the likes roll in. Read More >>

How Children Feel When They Are High

As both recreational and medicinal marijuana use becomes more accepted in American society—a trend that’s definitely for the better—it’s also making something that isn’t so great more common: Very young kids getting high, usually by accident. Recently, a 9-year-old Albuquerque girl ate and shared her grandfather’s pot gummies with five classmates after mistaking them for regular candy. She went to the school nurse feeling sick and “very dizzy,” and teachers eventually sussed out what happened. This and other incidents made us wonder: Does pot make young children “high” in the same way it does adults? Read More >>

Teens Abandon Car Ownership Fantasy

Stats looking at the numbers of driving licences held by young people appear to suggest that the roads of the future might start magically emptying of traffic all by themselves, with 40 per cent fewer teenagers holding a driving licence now than 20 years ago. Read More >>

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Social Media Lessons Needed in Schools to De-Stress the Kids

The children's commissioner for England thinks the government should make schools do more to explain the complicated modern world of social media to children, and has also warned that transitioning from primary to secondary school is when the minds of children are the most warped from the pressure to curate their lives into likeable digital parcels. Read More >>

It’s OK to Give Your Kids More Screen Time, Say Researchers

How much time are you allowed to let some sort of display act as a babysitter before it becomes bad for your children? It's a debate that's rumbled on for as long as screens have been a thing, and pops up a lot more often now that we live in the age of tablets, YouTube, video games, and all those other high tech things kids love to star at. Well the latest addition says its alright to let your kids have more time in front of a screen. Read More >>

YouTube Says It Will Crack Down on All Those Creepy Videos Targeted at or Featuring Kids

Google, along with fellow tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter has drawn increasing scrutiny this year over concerns that its “concentrated authority resembles the divine right of kings,” as the New York Times put it. In recent months, it’s faced stumbling blocks when it returned misinformation and conspiracy theories during crises like mass shootings and became embroiled in the ever-expanding Russian electoral interference scandal. But one particularly disturbing note concerned Google subsidiary YouTube and its YouTube Kids section, which everyone seems to have recently realised was promoting weird-ass, creepy content to children via algorithmically suggested videos and a seeming lack of moderation. Read More >>

Don’t Let YouTube Babysit Your Children

Maybe it’s happened to you. You’re cruising around YouTube and then boom: a video of Spiderman hanging out with girls in bikinis trying to make Elsa from Frozen jealous and then the Joker appears, ready to fight. This would seem like a weird video to any sane adult. But the weirdest thing is that it’s actually made for kids. Read More >>

TalkTalk’s Releasing a Simple TV Remote Designed for Kids

When I was a child I wasn't allowed the remote. This was before the days of parental locks on everything, and because my parents paid for satellite TV I would've been able to watch whatever the hell I liked if left unsupervised. These days that's not exactly a problem, and the latest company to join the kid-friendly-TV services bandwagon is TalkTalk. Read More >>

Junk Food Ads Banned From Sites Aimed at Children

New advertising rules come into place this weekend, designed to stem the flow of aspirational burgers and carbohydrate juices into the mouths of a generation. Read More >>

8-Year-Old Hero Steals Car to Buy McDonald’s After Learning to Drive on YouTube

You might think you’re a good driver. But you’ve got nothing on a nameless 8-year-old hero from Ohio. This past weekend he and his 4-year-old sister waited for their parents to fall asleep, stole their car, and then drove to McDonald’s to chow down on some McMeats. Read More >>