That Damn Doll Is Back in the New Trailer for Brahms: The Boy II

Though it’s a new year, the era of Peak Creepy Doll is still upon us. Make room on the toy shelf, Annabelle and Chucky, because Brahms—of The Boy fame, also of “not really just a doll” fame—is back with his very own sequel, finally making its way to theaters after several months of delays. Read More >>

star wars
The Future is Force Sensitive in This Adorable Star Wars Fan Video

Rivalries between family members, or those like family, are not unusual in the Star Wars universe. Father against son, Master versus Padawan; that’s normal stuff. So brother versus sister, yeah, that tracks. But those rivalries are rarely this cute. Read More >>

Get Your Kids into STEM with a Discount With £24 off the Sphero Mini Robotic Ball

The world is full of toys designed to get kits into STEM and coding, and Sphero's contribution to that growing industry are a range of different robotic balls kids can learn to programme for themselves. They're not too expensive normally, but today you can grab one with £24 off in Amazon's Black Friday Sale. Read More >>

Black Panther’s Daniel Kaluuya Is Bringing a ‘Misunderstood’ Barney to the Big Screen

Barney is a dinosaur who we all know from TV, but now Mattel is bringing Barney & Friends to the big screen. Read More >>

NHS Opens Child Gambling Clinics for the Loot Box Generation

The NHS is preparing to open a nationwide set of gambling clinics for young people this year, to combat the "scourge" of problem gambling driven by gaming sites and targeted adverts. Read More >>

Shampoos, Perfumes, and Other Cosmetics Send Thousands of Kids to A&E Every Year

Nail polish removers and other personal care products are sending a shocking number of young kids in the U.S. to A&E, according to a new study out Monday. Nearly 65,000 children under the age of five have been treated for “cosmetic-related injuries” in hospital in the 15 years leading up to 2016, the study found. Read More >>

The Real Reason Chucky is a Robot Now

The first trailer for the reboot of Child’s Play came with a surprise. The original was about a serial killer who possessed a doll and killed a bunch of people. Now, Chucky’s a smart toy who finds autonomy... and then kills a bunch of people. It seemed odd for a reboot to change the premise of its own story this much but it actually makes perfect sense. Read More >>

These Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Kids Will Stop Your Little Cherubs From Deafening Themselves

If you're raising kids in this fast-paced, tech saturated world, then god speed and good luck to you, but your struggle just got a little easier thanks to these snazzy new noise-cancelling wireless headphones from Puro Sound Labs, with volume control to stop your kids from deafening themselves. Those tiny brains are still forming and they don't know what's good for them. Read More >>

No Screen Time for Kids Under 2, WHO Says

The World Health Organisation is coming out strong against letting young kids watch TV or play with smartphones, and is pushing parents to help their kids stay active and get enough sleep. Read More >>

star wars
The Original Star Wars Films Have Been Turned Into Animated Shorts

Star Wars fans who have kids that aren’t quite ready to sit down for multiple two-hour movies can rejoice today. Disney has announced Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, a series of animated YouTube shorts using original dialogue and sounds from the Star Wars films to introduce the franchise to a new generation. Read More >>

Tesco Is Launching A Smartphone For Kids

When a supermarket chain announces it's releasing a new smartphone for kids, we imagine a low-cost, high-colour handset with squishy edges and a catchy name. Read More >>

These Unique Maternity Photos Took a Decidedly Dark, Alien Twist

Two fans of the Alien franchise took their maternity pictures to a whole other level. We just had to find out more. Read More >>

Just Give This Kid Wearing a Hand-Crocheted Full Predator Costume All the Halloween Sweets

The month of October is always a fun online parade of inventive Halloween costumes, but it’s only October 1st and already we have a top contender for best getup of 2018. The recent sequel might have not been memorable, but this kid-sized, hand-crocheted Predator costume deserves all the sweeties in your bowl should he stop by your house on Halloween night. Read More >>

Parents Want Their Kids to Tell Them About Homework and Tidying Up

As reported by the BBC, communications app ClassDojo has carried out research to determine the top 10 phrases parents most want to hear come out of their darling children's mouths. ClassDojo surveyed a panel of 1,000 parents to find out the things they'd most like to hear from their school-age children – and the results are mostly about being tidy, doing schoolwork, and generally being perfect little angels. Of course, practically no child in the history of the world has ever uttered any of these sentences. Read More >>

Weapons Manufacturers Routinely Sponsor School Lessons

Companies that make a living selling bombs at least on the side are the target of an investigation by the Campaign Against Arms Trade, which says the likes of BAE, Raytheon and Thales are sponsoring learning sessions for primary school children in what would appear to be an attempt to groom kids for careers as warhead assemblers. Read More >>